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by Chance
Need help with this function.
I am trying to make the double change; display what it is equal to in terms of change due in dolla...
[11 replies] Last: It can still be slightly off since you are using doubles. 1 could be r... (by giblit)
Currency Converter
I have to write a program which has the user enter a start value, finish value, and jump value, ex) ...
[2 replies] Last: Ah that was such a simple semantic error! Thank you! I got my code t... (by alex067)
Cin to two different variables (1,2)
Hi, I'd like to make a single input through a cin, and depending on if the input is a char or an int...
[26 replies] Last: There is a minor difference between the two: operator bool returns ... (by JLBorges)
using system
im trying to use the bitConverter.GetBytes method from system but im not sure what i need in orde...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <type_traits> #include <array> #include ... (by JLBorges)
Image Reading
Hey, I'm trying to read a BMP file and write it to a new BMP. The new file opens with paint and has ...
[1 reply] : Okay, i realized why it was blank, but there's still something wrong, ... (by Jape670)
I made this game that's supposed to help guitarists learn all the chord and scale forms, and I've be...
[4 replies] Last: Woo hoo! I checked my book again and I managed to figure it out. I j... (by Explodey)
How to put music in Dev-C++ Bloodshed
Write your question here. I want to put a Poke Battle Music.. i Use Dev-C++ because thats what ...
[7 replies] Last: thank you so much (by Herleos)
Primality Test
[1 reply] : The last for, no arguments. (by poteto)
Counting words in an array
Hey guys, I'm at a loss here. I have an array named comments and it holds 93 different YouTube comm...
[9 replies] Last: Oh, but you learned about std::count before this assignment? Probabl... (by LB)
Trouble with add function in a class
In this project I have a PhoneBook class that accepts Entries. Entry is another class that consists ...
[13 replies] Last: DUDE. i am such an idiot, i'm smacking myself. thanks for pointing tha... (by pepstein)
switch and if else statement help
When I reach case 2 and type "n" my complier prints out my cout statement but just continues running...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks works just perfectly. (by jackelinblack)
by fisken
Stack<int> and Stack<string> problem solving
Hi, I'm taking a distance course in C++ programming and problem solving at the univiersity of Saa...
[9 replies] Last: Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Since you can only have s... (by discofire)
Double to int & program crashing?
I'm trying to create a payroll program, but it shows this "warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'dou...
[4 replies] Last: An error is not a warning. If you want to work with doubles, stop try... (by LB)
If statement in Windows Form
I have pretty much no clue what I'm doing because I was sick last class and my professor offers litt...
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by Salad7
Programming books/ Pace?
Hey guys up until now all my programming knowledge has been based on videos and not book knowledge. ...
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Primality without function calls
[1 reply] : Look up the modulus operator % EDIT: Did the modulus operator sol... (by novellof)
by Ch1156
Code Conventions
I am improving my C++ and I decided to start using conventions to make my code more readable and flu...
[11 replies] Last: Thank you all for your suggestions i will revise my document using the... (by Ch1156)
Alphabetic order
Hi, Sorry to disturb you again, but I got stuck another time :((( I'm trying to code a program whi...
[4 replies] Last: No I said in front of the % character so it becomes " %c" ... (by jlb)
hello is there any way to make a float only be 2 decimals (e.g x.xx) instead of x.xxxxx?
[6 replies] Last: thanks :D (by Jacobhaha)
reading a newline or a space from a file
hi i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. i havea file that contains roman ...
[1 reply] : or if anyone know how i can check to see if there is a roman numeral a... (by genkers)
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