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by bagol
What is next to do after learn basic of C++?
First, I will say that I'm new in C++ and this forum too. What I mean by new is that I still can't c...
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Scope operator changing.
Why is it that in the second cout stmt of the main function, ::abc is printed out as 11? Doesn't :: ...
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Menu Based Programs and Nested Switch.
Nevermind, ty for the replies though.
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nested for loops simple question
Write a program to display following output by using nested for loop A9 A8 A7 A6 A5 B9 B8 B7 B6 B...
[4 replies] Last: Here you go.... char ch='A'; int num=9,i,j; for(i=0;i<5;i++) { n... (by programmer007)
By applying for loop, your program should find and display the largest and the lowest of the numbers.
Q)Write a C++ program that receives the total number of integers (N). Then, the program will ask for...
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function prototype
I am not sure what to put for display instructions and calculating the paycheck amount. Can anyone h...
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How can I do dynamic memory allocation inside an structure?
I'm trying to do a program that read some informations of a person and write them on a binary file, ...
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Classes and ShowMe()
Hello guys and gals. I am very new to C++ and I am working on this code assignment but I ma lost and...
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Can you typedef a specific object?
I'm getting tired of writing long lines of code just to represent one object (I have to go through g...
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Arrays, student scores
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Need help with functions
Write your question here. Write a main that test for slope() and midpoint() #include <iostream> us...
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Help calling information out of an array.
Hey Guys how's it going. I need help with arrays. I need to store all sine values from 0 - 90 into a...
[1 reply] : You could simply calculate the sine every time, when the user gives an... (by keskiverto)
Using for loop in this equation using c++ (1,2)
Given equation:S = {(P1 (1-u) + P2u) (1-v)} + {(P3 (1-u) + P4u) v}. This is an equation to represen...
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row vector
Hello. I am using C and I want to create a row vector and display it. I mean the user will enter eac...
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function prototype
I am not sure what to put for display instructions and calculating the paycheck amount. Can anyone h...
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Just a question
Hi all, im working on a little program that reads a list of basketball teams from a file and stores ...
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Help me to make barcode shape
faster sorting of letter, the United States Postal Service encourages companies that send large vlou...
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Dynamic memory
Can someone tell me if I'm thinking in right direction? We use dynamic memory to use data that woul...
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cin not appearing in compiler
The second cin statement doesn't allow me to enter anything when I compile the code. The first one w...
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Universal Char rendering
hello Cpeps!! I was watching a Lynda's Tutorial and there was some C mixed with C++. http://s13.p...
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