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Problem using global constants
I have 4 files, 3 of them are class header files and one of them is the main file. Everything works...
[2 replies] Last: I want to make a set of global constants, in main, to use in the cla... (by dhayden)
Binomial Series
Before I start I want to explain that I have searched the forums and haven't found my solution yet. ...
[1 reply] : The problem is on line 70. b^k is not b raised to the k'th power, it... (by dhayden)
Nested Loops Help
My arrow code is broken, please help! I cant figure out whats wrong with the tail! //This ...
[1 reply] : The tailLength is wrong because the headLength is wrong. headLength =... (by dhayden)
How do I call my functions from main?
#include<iostream> #include<iomanip> using namespace std; //Initialize variables because the...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you very much for that explanation quan. I now understand what t... (by CapnMintyBits)
by vxk
simple character string copy
Can somebody point me what is wrong with the following piece of code ?: #include <iostream> usi...
[4 replies] Last: oh this solved the problem --> #include <iostream> using namespace... (by vxk)
by thzo
process terminated with status 1970205833
Write your question here. What do I have to do when I get "process terminated with status 197020583...
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by Torm04
C++ Help (fstream)
Hello, I have a couple questions about using fstream. I am curious on how I would do something like ...
[12 replies] Last: Thank you everyone that helped me with this. I got the assignment fini... (by Torm04)
Let us understand this code?
Hi all, My teacher gave me a code and told me to try to understand it. I have some questions woul...
[3 replies] Last: The first argument to main() is the number of parameters passed to th... (by hellox)
by hellox
Making Apps
Hello i want to learn to create app's but i read somewhere it's best to learn C++ first or it is the...
[11 replies] Last: Okay thanks :) (by hellox)
Coding Assignment, stuck!
Hey all, trouble with a school assignment, i need to create an arrow in the console using user input...
[3 replies] Last: Ok this is where i'm at #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> #inclu... (by codingn00b)
I need your suggest about best books for C++
hi, I need your suggest about best books for C++(A to Z) learn and algorithms and problem Solvi...
[15 replies] Last: ok , i will chose C++ Primer Thanks for All :) (by SamuelFX)
by Daviid
getline ignores the first chunk of text
I'm not really sure how to describe whats going wrong. But if you run it and see the result youll un...
[2 replies] Last: delete line19 is OK Have a try (by larry123)
Iterative MergeSort function
I am trying to write an iterative MergeSort function. I have already written it recursively. I have ...
[1 reply] : Please provide the code to reproduce the problem. (by coder777)
Re-writing a loop
How would I re-write this for loop as a while loop? int i = 1; int s = 0; for (i = 1; i <...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks, your help is very much appreciated! (by JayJay007)
Getting user input into a 2D array
I need to figure out how to get a string of user input into a 2d array. The array is to be a square ...
[3 replies] Last: That does read the values properly. The problem is in the output that ... (by keskiverto)
by iluv41
virtual and pure virtual functions
I am having trouble understanding the concept of virtual and pure virtual functions. What is the ...
[1 reply] : What is the point of them? Calls to the virtual function is resolved... (by MiiNiPaa)
HW help?
So basically I need to write a program for blackjack the card game. my plan is to have 1 function ge...
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DEC to HEX Please help
Hello i have made this code, but i wanted to print it out in Hexadecimal format, but i cant figure i...
[6 replies] Last: The first output of the loop(as I posted above) is the LSB (Least Sign... (by rjvc)
The max bits an array can hold?
Hey I have a question about the following code. It takes the powers of 50 numbers in a loop, and eac...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much dhayden, and I didn't know that int could hold diffe... (by HyBoNiX)
single word palindrome
i want to change this code and make it check for single word palindromes. ex: hanah jenjen unoiunoi ...
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