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Array printing
I have posted the same thing before but it wasn't clear, I apologize for that. But can someone tell...
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by nads
binary operator + , = overloading with const
I am learning C++ concepts and would highly appreciate any help with explanation. Why statement 4 is...
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Need some McGraw-Hill C++ books?
Hello! The book that I had bought, "OOP with E Balagurusamy", assumption on the book was that I had ...
[8 replies] Last: "thinking in C++ volume 1" by Bruce Eckel is available both in print a... (by tipaye)
How do i list the last 6 recent transactions?
This is the piece of code that I am struggling on, I want the case 2 to be able to read in the last ...
[1 reply] : you'll need to keep a track of transactions in a collection like a vec... (by mutexe)
Function overloading + structures
It won't output the void add(); #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> #include<string> #in...
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nested for loops - multiplication table
It is for your benefit // Q(2) - (18 marks) // nested for loops - multiplication table (1 to...
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abstract baseclass, polymorphismn
Hi guys, i am playing a little bit with polymorphic design and pure virtual methods. i have a ...
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delete[] question
If I declare an array in a class with float* arrlist; arrlist = new float ; and run throug...
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Tips to make my program faster?
Hello I need a few tips to make my program faster. It is using the SFML FTP library to connect to...
[2 replies] Last: This is really what a profiler is for. They're a pain to use, but noth... (by Duoas)
by Jun77
issue in double linklist
what is the problm in this code,,, gives me error at Modify function, #include<iostream> #incl...
[1 reply] : If you bother yourself to indent your code properly, you'll see mismat... (by ne555)
by MrGoat
I think I am having trouble moving a string value from one array to another.
Currently teaching myself c++ by working though Jumping into C++. The problem that has me stuck cur...
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Help with basic GUIs
I'm learning how to use SDL to, for right now, just print a square. It compiles, but the problem is,...
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by SkyZ
Average output is wrong help!
Hey all, i have a program here where I take in 4 test scores and drop them. then the letter grade is...
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Copy array function
Hello. I have write a function that copies array A into array B such that, the first column of a...
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std_lib_facilities.h errors
hi all, this is my first post! i have been struggling with this issue for 2 days now, im using str...
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what am i doing wrong?
getting "expected unqualified id before ' ' token" #include<stdio.h> struct x{ int a,b,c; ...
[4 replies] Last: struct xeh{ int a,b,c; }e,f,g; int main(){ e.a = 0; f.b = 1; g.... (by mightymeowth)
portaccount.txt file wont edit, i cant find where i am going wrong.
In this program when I withdraw money I want the PortAccount.txt to change to the new value of when ...
[2 replies] Last: it all runs smoothly but the txt file wont change its value, theres a ... (by DriftKing13)
Const but not at initialization
Suppose I have a variable x in a function; and I may set it to two possible values (depending on fun...
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Encapsulation for my classes, and multiple classes, returning inputs
Hey guys, I am currently trying to set up a class for my simple menu program that will handle choice...
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false positive
in line 120 when im looking to see if i press enter it always thinks i did is this because i pressed...
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