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Dynamic array (with negative indeces)
OK, everything looks alright to me, but I'm pretty green when it comes to this. It is compiling and ...
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How do I read this exoression?
I'm struggling to figure out this expression. Int I =o;j=5, k=I=--j; I is equal to zer...
[10 replies] Last: Ok here we go. j = 4 k = 4 k = j-- = gets evaluated before -- k ge... (by Renthalkx97)
What's the difference between these two constructors?
I've came across these two different constructors but I'm unsure as too why they've both different. ...
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Passing a vector element index
Is it possible to make the following statement work... point x = g.Cell .GetPoint(); Assuming 'g...
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Difference between two
Please explain difference between these . void Changethecontent(int Arr , int Count) { for (int...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you @Austin and @freakengineers tht means in the second program... (by Suma Menon)
Input Validation Loop
when I try to compile I get this message. In function `int main(int, char**)': line 23 `Seats' und...
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by zwilu
Why can't fputs() insert data in the file? //main.cpp phoneBook1->insertPersonInTheFileC(name.c_s...
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Accessing Vectors Inside Vectors
This might be a very silly question to some and forgive me if it is. I am to make a game of a sneaky...
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by venros
Resizing Array Function Error
Mind you the code it self is incomplete but im having problems with my function. #include <ios...
[9 replies] Last: tyvm for your help, it works fine up until you click change friends in... (by venros)
by rshoe
functions with pointers
I am working on functions with pointers that was assigned to me. I think I am missing something with...
[2 replies] Last: Nathan: Thanks for your reply but taking the .h off does not make a d... (by rshoe)
Simple Menu (dejavu)
Ok so I'm creating a simple menu that allows access to other menus and also allows to go back a menu...
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by Gobbeh
I need help with this If or Else Program.
Hey Everybody :) If i change strings a1 and a2 to contain "\n" as in: string a1 = "Stoop\n" , a2 ...
[3 replies] Last: That is correct, but only if you want all the 'if' statements to lead ... (by NT3)
Creating and naming new class instances with a for loop
So I am a little confused about how classes work still. I need to create several Player classes when...
[6 replies] Last: Let's start over. Blackjack(char *names , int numPlayers){ for(... (by LB)
Dynamic declaration concern
Hi, is this an unsafe way of being able to make a variable number of variables? I don't want to have...
[9 replies] Last: No, you don't need that function at all. push_back resizes the vecto... (by LB)
by li7
setting a subclasses internals
Hi I have two header files TimeRepresentation.h and GlobalTime.h, which has a TimeRepresentation var...
[5 replies] Last: You should call the member functions you took the time to create. If y... (by LB)
Validation Loop
This will compile and run, but after I enter tickets sold the Prompt close without displaying income...
[9 replies] Last: I ran it exactly like the diagram above, and these are the error messa... (by niludown)
by jf1963
programs for beginners
aside from following tutorials and the old standard "Hello World", what types of small programs are ...
[12 replies] Last: [quote=jf1963]for now, i want to write business programs that use shar... (by LB)
Help me explain this code
ello guys, Could you explain me this code? Especially the part where the loop is. And im wonderin...
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by jf1963
very much beginner quesstion
im a bit confused on this double constant. its defined as a constant but then used in the program b...
[10 replies] Last: first, there is no return statement because i just copied the code fro... (by jf1963)
by Kuma97
May someone help me with my code?
Why this code doesnt work? #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <sstream> using namespa...
[7 replies] Last: PD: else if works better than just if (by Kuma97)
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