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Dynamic Matrix
Hi,i want to delete from dynamic matrix the first row, where the sum of the elements is more than 10...
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by HelenI
Postfix expression evaluation
Hello there!! I have to solve a postfix expression evaluation. e.g. : 7 4 -3 * 1 5 + / * the ans...
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BMI help
I get an error at the return line can someone help? int main() { int feet; float inches, h...
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by Nis
Please help explain these errors
I cannot figure out where I went wrong here. Please help #include <iostream> #include <strin...
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by id10t
Stupid Class/Object Initialization Question
I have what I assume is a very stupid/simple question regarding arrays. Yes, this is a homework assi...
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by GilTea
Issue with IF statement / Array / While loop
Hi there, I am fairly new to C++ and am only asking for a bit of direction, not to have code create...
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Mean above mean
I need to make a program that reads in a list of floating-point numbers then calculates and displays...
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Wrong output
// t is the number of test cases. When I input t, I get a output of 0 first. Then I am asked to...
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Program not outputting correctly
I have to create a program that the user enters the input for three sides of a triangle and the outp...
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Character string input
I want to input a string whose maximum length could be pow(10,5). And input into the string must be...
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by Kernul
Put an element in a sorted vector
Given a sorted vector V and an element a, put the element a into the vector keeping the vector sorte...
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assignment operator overloading
class ABC{ int i; public: ABC(int ii):i(ii){} // copy-ctor ABC(const ABC& obj) ...
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Why constexpr template functions would work?
Hi guys, I had this question thrust into my head, why constexpr template functions would work? As sh...
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matrix vertically reconfigurated array elements
can somebody please fix it so as to output : a= 1 5 9 2 6 10 3 7 11 4 8 12 #include <ios...
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Converting one character into another
Hello Guys I want to convert one character into another e.g. array has 10 characters like abc...
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by Nanyo
check if file is open and ask for password
Hi I am trying to make a program that asks for password when you try to open a file. Any Ideas? Tha...
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Check my progs
Hey, I am a beginner, check my prog #include <iostream> using namespace std; class car { ...
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Hi; Plz tell me, why we use . operator when we are using classes ? Like Here: In this li...
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Const keyword
Hi, Some times why we use const keyword at last, Like as: Fraction operator+( const Fraction &...
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Temp conversion program
Hi, I want to write a program which asks me to enter temperature with unit, like 32F and then con...
[1 reply] : int temp; char scale; if(std::cin >> temp >> scale) { std::cout <... (by LB)
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