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Random Cannon Generator Game
I am in a computer science class this semester and for an assignment i have to create a program that...
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by goldyn
String issues
I'm confused. I can't seem to get the largest and smallest numbers to output. What did I do wrong? (...
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Reading in a txt file with location data
Im trying to figure out how to read in ONLY the (latitude, longitude) coordinate portion of this txt...
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Checkerboard Game Logic
im at a point where, i cant continue. im totally stuck. i want to switch all the valid empty pieces...
[1 reply] : i know for the "E" it would be a switch statement, but i have no clue ... (by Dgonzalez1)
Error and Bubble Sort Problem
This is my code below and I cannot figure out two things one is that I keep getting an error that sa...
[1 reply] : int match(char , char ); matchM= match (text (textT?), pattern); cha... (by wildblue)
by ebucna
String doesnt work
Hi all, i have this assigment, my program has to read in scores from judges, calculate avaryge and p...
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Template question
I am writing code to work with a driver that is provided. I am relatively new to the idea of templa...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you for showing me my error, it is now correct to say the right ... (by DEnumber50)
how to write Multiplication table in C++
hello!! i am new to C++. can any one please tell me how to write Multiplication table in C++ using i...
[1 reply] : Why don't you give it a try first, post what you were able to do, and ... (by deathslice)
by Xtez
2D Tank Game.
Hello, I am looking to make a type of tank game in C++, The main idea of the game is simple, kill th...
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Pointers and reference
Good day. I'm a kind of new programmer, I need help with how to manipulate pointers. I understand wh...
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warning in char data type
hello everyone , I have a warning massage from the compiler when i enter a multi-character in char...
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C++ Array like Mine sweeper.
Write your question here. I want to create a 10 by 10 table wherein i can type the value(numbers 1 ...
[1 reply] : Sorry, I don't completely understand your question, but if you want to... (by dhayden)
Passing Paramaters as Pointers? I Don't Understand?
I keep getting funny numbers at the end and i am not sure why?? #include<iostream> #include <ioma...
[4 replies] Last: Although you've declared median and average to be doubles, the assignm... (by dhayden)
Function Problem
I need to write a function that gets the info the user selected and then adds everything they select...
[2 replies] Last: Just on first reading, disregarding the above questions. . .why do you... (by PCrumley48)
why this won t work?
Hello. I am new to c++ and i wonder why this doesn t work. All i want is to calculate the distance b...
[8 replies] Last: Ah. You're passing the address of the double instead of the double. Th... (by dhayden)
Help with Arrays to Vectors!!!
Hello, I am doing a project for my computer class and we are to convert arrays to vectors and change...
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Expression must be a modifiable lvalue
I am getting a very strange error when I am simply trying to modify an array within a class. In my ....
[5 replies] Last: sorry, should have seen it before...I was on the right track =P need ... (by aarnold404)
Need help with Arrays
Hi I'm new to C++ and have a quick question about arrays. Why doesn't this function like my array? ...
[3 replies] Last: Did you change FindFirstNum to take pointers? The error is saying it... (by Lachlan Easton)
by gmac
define your own class that will represent a fraction in your program (1,2)
Ive started this assignment. Not sure what to do from here: Write a class definition for a frac...
[30 replies] Last: This whole section of code needs to go away, along with the almost ide... (by PCrumley48)
What is the meaning of (volatile unsigned int*)(0x04) in following code? As here should be some a...
[5 replies] Last: The hardware has put something other than RAM at address 0x4. It is pr... (by dhayden)
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