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by mf95
Integers into an int array ?!?
How do I get a file of numbers separated by spaces into an array of integers?? Assuming that there ...
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by JoeJoe
basic cin issue.
Hello, I'm playing with classes and constructors and I'm running into a cin issue. My current progra...
[4 replies] Last: When you do array[ index ] you are saying "access the element in the... (by ne555)
by lew13
Recursive Function help/ Vector (1,2)
I am trying to write a small program that takes a string of positive integers and counts the to the ...
[32 replies] Last: I got it man it was just in my cout statement. Unfortunately I didn't ... (by lew13)
Unicode rendering (Updated)
I posted my question couple days ago while i was still working on my code. I will restate my questio...
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by Vik70r
Problem with lists, eliminating duplicates
Hello guys! I need a bit of an advice with lists. Basically, i generated a list and created a functi...
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Vector in class
Can anybody help me straighten this code out? I really need it to work and I am stuck. How can I wri...
[11 replies] Last: Your inclusion guards are in odd place. That might explain why class ... (by keskiverto)
I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around loop style statements. Resolved with multiple conditions for do while statement.
I'm working on a simple arithmetic program in VS 2013 and have most of it done. I'm just having issu...
[6 replies] Last: I did do that. I was just posting the solution to my problem in case o... (by Cyberpunk Eevee)
Parsing a file for game initialisation
Hello people, I want to make a class that reads a text file that looks like this: <ClassName Sta...
[2 replies] Last: I really want to use this kind of structure without using any special ... (by doodlebee)
Restart console application command
Hi, i need a way to restart my console application. I don't think a do-while loop can help me, be...
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by aero36
Hello, I am starting C++ and was wondering if anyone knew of homework-esque problems that I can use ...
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by oseri
For loop control variable name conflicts ?
I've got a function that has a parameter with the same name as a for loop control variable : voi...
[2 replies] Last: It's legal. When multiple instances of a name are in scope, the inner-... (by dhayden)
Need some help (1,2)
So this is a program I wrote about a week ago and just today I decided to make it loop, but there's ...
[25 replies] Last: It seemingly works that way. If you enter "yes", it doesn't do anythin... (by kik4444)
by savanh
need u r help
there is an error here but i tryed my best to solve it. can u please help me with it ? #inc...
[4 replies] Last: thank you so so much bro (by savanh)
So, I have a little problem. I made a program that multiplies 2 polinomials. The resulting vector be...
[2 replies] Last: It would be helpful to give us the code you allready have. Basically ... (by Gamer2015)
I need Help with a self assesment i cant seem to understand.
question: Write a function named tax() that accepts an amount of Rands and a tax rate as formal Par...
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by werdem
banking program error
hi, when I completed to case 4 and 5, l executed the program, actually functions working but exe fil...
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cin.get(ch) and ch = cin.get()
Hi! I'm kinda confused when to use 1. cin.get(ch) and 2. ch = cin.get(). Here's a code. Not sure ...
[3 replies] Last: Oh okay, thank you! (by Drakonaut)
Entering element values into array withing using cin or a file
Im really new to c++ so apologies if this is a stupid question. Is there a way to assign random ...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you Aaron for your insightful post. Very well written, may I say... (by Arslan7041)
How to get rid of function already has a body errors?
I'm getting this error in my 3 set functions. Tried commenting things out but can't figure out what ...
[9 replies] Last: According to your header file, findRoots is supposed to take three par... (by fg109)
Defined Functions
I'm stuck. I don't know if I'm suppose to make multiple parameters for the attendance. Note th...
[1 reply] : Uh... your getAssignmentGrades() function is probably supposed to be... (by fg109)
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