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2D Array
I'm having trouble getting this 2 dimensional array to display as a pyramid, and i have no idea wher...
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by deline
file reading
I'm trying to read a file in a very specific way and am having trouble finding a method I understand...
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I NEED HELP!! Payroll Array Program wont compile.
My Program won't compile and I've been struggling with this for about a day now I really need help. ...
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by Ksisky
Decimal Help
I am relatively new to C++ and I am building a calculator. I want to be able to add, subtract, multi...
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Some simple homework help
In this project, I'm supposed to have a FootballGame class that uses some objects created by a Refer...
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Help with string to int
Any idea for the code for my getDigit function? I have to add on one digit at a time while in my loo...
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DllMain failing ?
Hey . I have problem with simple dll when i inject it with example cheat engine i got error "Failed ...
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Operation of with the int age inside loop
It is a while loop inside of whom I want to do the average of the "int age" of the 5 "profile". I do...
[1 reply] : Okay so, create a variable that will hold the average ages and set it ... (by TarikNeaj)
array question
This is incomplete program. My compiler show. invalid types 'int ' for array subscript. What does i...
[1 reply] : cin >> age ; illegal age is not an array also don't forget #includ... (by Yanson)
by GilTea
Issue with checking vector struct item is unique
Hi, I am trying to check to see if my id field is unique. I had the code working when it was just a...
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by davidm
continue not working
void countletters(char*s) { int cword=0; int size=strlen(s)+2; for(int i=0;i<=size;i++) {...
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Can someone explain what's the code is trying to do!
Please explain clearly! (: int a ; void inc(int val) { for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) a += va...
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Making header with VS
Hello. I have some problems making header file with Visual Studio 2013. I do exactly the same steps ...
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This program works, but not as i want.
I wanted to create a simple program that ask you simple yes/no questions. This is what i managed to ...
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What's wrong ?
What is wrong at line 29 ? I can't see the problem :(. Half an year has passed since I worked the la...
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program help
#include <stdio.h> /* copy input to output, replace each string of one or more blanks by a...
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strcpy warning!
I have an assignment at school and every student is provided a code to run a program. I got trouble ...
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Objects in vector to variables
I have a Class with balance and interest that are objects in a vector. I want theese values in varia...
[4 replies] Last: Solved it, now the interest is paid to evevry account in the vector. H... (by patriic48)
Will class member functions consume memory storage?
For example: class a { public: int v;//this one will need memory to store int met...
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Under what condition will this pointer be invalidated? About a vector of class object which has vector members.
I have a class like this class a { public: std::vector<int> v; a * prev, * next;//this po...
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