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Please help me to make a function stop/return an error without returning any value
I'm having an assignment to implement a stack class using singly linked list and here is my Pop func...
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Passing arguments by pointer question
Hi I'm currently learning C++ and I got to an exercise that asked to create a function that swaps tw...
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i need help with the logic of this function, the 'priority' problem from
Hey guys, first i would like to state thank you for your help in advance. I'll just copy and past...
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Vector Index Access in Class
How do I access the vector index in the class function 'GetIndex' below? Please don't get wrapped...
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How do I fix this code?
I'm trying to work on a program that does even division only. But I can't get multresult to be less...
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by enemy
Class does not accept private for variables- WHY
Hello! Please, why is here giving an error? It CAN be public, but why can't it be PRIVATE??? Many...
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by qzpqzp
3 options. Let them be 1, 2, 3. And let 2 be the right answer. I need the program to loop back...
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Validate input as 0's or 1's in string array
Wanting to know how to check that 9 characters entered into a string variable are either a '0' or '1...
[1 reply] : No need to convert anything to a C string: for (unsigned i = 0; i < v... (by long double main)
Trying to grab info from a text file
I cant seem to get my program to find the .txt file I have created. Is there a particular spot I sho...
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Strange Syntax/Question
Hello all, Here are the functions for a clone of the pong game. I am hoping that someone can help...
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Having trouble returning values
I have to compute the area of a circle in a fuction called area. Main is supposed to prompt the user...
[1 reply] : Yes to the compiler "areacircle" is undefined because its a parameter... (by Softrix)
by stdeez
overloading operator =
class Edge{ public: Edge(); Edge(int v1, int v2, int weight); int first(); i...
[1 reply] : Your thread title suggests you are overloading the assignment operator... (by Daleth)
Input validation with objects
I have to create an Inventory class with the member variables int itemNumber; int quantity; doub...
[1 reply] : //File: Inventory.h - class Inventory declaration file #ifndef INVEN... (by heyyouyesyouiloveyou)
by Alby94
class Base { Base* operator= (Derived<int>* x) }; template <typename T> class Derived : public Ba...
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by kim12
Tic Tac Toe?
Figured it out.
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Do not understand this while loop
What does this mean, I`m so confused EXCER: What does the following program do? #include <...
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basic If control
ok so have just started to learn C++ and im wanting to check all arguments to call out errors when i...
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opencv updating code to c++
I have a very small simple function using opencv libraries which takes a source image and stamps it ...
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Class 'Friend' Useage
In the code below, I'm trying to consolidate the "private" members of these two classes. CELL is a ...
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by stdeez
Reading input files
5 4 1 2 45 1 3 4 2 3 16 2 4 6 3 4 8 This is my input file format. What I need to be able...
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