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Do you think my program will be able to display the last ten lines of ANY file?
So far I've tested my program with the .txt files in my computer and it seems that my program works....
[2 replies] Last: You should check out Circular Buffers ( also called Ring Buffers ). I... (by Lowest0ne)
by goldyn
some array issues
I'm having fun learning arrays on my own, but I've hit a wall! My code is outputting the reverse or...
[4 replies] Last: Sorry lol, I should have clarified. It is outputting reverse correctly... (by goldyn)
assign values to the data members of the derived object
I have a function to set values into my data members. But when I tried, it is giving me an error of ...
[2 replies] Last: List is stored in &list as a name-value pair and i have to read it and... (by me loko 88)
Hi , av used static keyword before and I have worked with static variables from time to time but I ...
[6 replies] Last: No, plain local static variables serve a useful function by being hidd... (by dhayden)
Hi-Lo Program
I need help creating a program that has the user start with a 1,000 points, and asks the user how mu...
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by rpalu
Pushing a class object onto another class' parameter
I've been given an assignment and it says exactly that. I'm not sure what other way I could so it ot...
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return number of elements STORED
I need help in getting the number of elements STORED in my array. I have fixed array in size 5. ...
[4 replies] Last: Alright. I got it. I added an int variable and use that in storing a n... (by me loko 88)
Fahrenheit to Celsius Code
Hey guys, I'm new to any type of programming and for my computer science class we have to write a pr...
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Help- 2d Array program sementation fault - core dumping
I am trying to figure out this prompt: Write a function that takes as parameters a square 2D arra...
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Converting Metric to English and Visa Versa
I realize the topic sounds extremely easy, but the trouble I'm having with the program is rounding. ...
[1 reply] : You ask for integer feet. Therefore, there are no inches to care about... (by keskiverto)
algorithm into assembly language
1) Translate the following algorithm into assembly language. IF X > 12 THEN X = 2*X + 4 ELSE X = X ...
[4 replies] Last: Looks like intel code. Using gcc, I was able to generate this: .fil... (by Smac89)
Questions about Classes
[1 reply] : 1.a.b.c : There are no real world programming examples to showcase thi... (by Computergeek01)
How push_back and emplace_back methods working with class, that havent copy constructor
Hi all! First of all, sry for my bad english =( I have the class MyClass. He havent copy construct...
[5 replies] Last: super-mega-big class Smells fishy and prime target for refactoring ... (by MiiNiPaa)
by kazwho
bubble sort and call functions
So I'm having a little trouble with a program I have to do for a class. The objective is to use a bu...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <cstdlib> // #include <... (by anup30)
Pointers/For Loops Videos?
Pointers/For Loops Videos? Are there any suggestions for plain-English good Youtube video channel...
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problem with operator+() overloaded function
Hello guys. I did this before with built in types, but this time around I keep failing trying to do ...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks dhayden, peter87, and coder777. Highly appreciated (by Misbahu)
Learning functions
Hello everyone, we are learning functions and I am trying to do some review work. The question is to...
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by Selver
typedef const reference
Hello all Im working on an assignment to implement the functionality of the list class. I've got it ...
[2 replies] Last: A better question then, what exactly should I be returning in those fu... (by Selver)
by bpro
generateRandomNumber function layout help!
I need to create a function that will generate a random number between 1-25000. I am completely lost...
[1 reply] : I can't tell my looking at this since it's just a part of a program, b... (by JoJodoggy1)
I want array to not read first integer
So I have a file names sortme that reads: 5 d 99 0 3 45 2 I want to read this file to an a...
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