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Program for Finding Median of 5 Numbers
Hello, I was wondering how to make it so that my code can handle 5 numbers instead of 3. I would lik...
[15 replies] Last: Yeah I tried the nested "if else" statements and it was crazy hard to ... (by duplicatetoast)
Class function not updating variable
I am looking for a hint to where my program is failing. The program uses a default constructor to se...
[7 replies] Last: So here were the corrections I made, I think I followed the advise but... (by sulliaa8)
Calling another function from a file with it's own main.
This is for homework and my own understanding, so I'd appreciate being walked through the situation ...
[4 replies] Last: Alright, thank you, that is what i thought was the case, it's good to ... (by Bencojo)
Fixing code
When running the code, the output displays the same numbers for the net pay, average and total. What...
[8 replies] Last: The only thing wrong now are the formulas? And the fact that total ... (by dhayden)
by jjj
need help fixing program
hi i am new to c++ and i really need your help, could you please show me what I'm doing wrong. At...
[3 replies] Last: I see that you wanted nothing mentioned if there was no leftovers. Her... (by gkraft)
C++ Program
I am trying to create a program that displays the roman numeral equivalent of any decimal number bet...
[3 replies] Last: There are... Quite a few errors there... I don't even... You should us... (by tristan1333)
by bigbzt
ATM program with switches
Hey guys bit of newbie with coding, only my second code ever. Having a bit of trouble getting my pro...
[3 replies] Last: It probably wouldn't compile if you were missing a break or }. (by tristan1333)
reversing number
im writing a program to reverse number however i am having trouble with it. ex: input: 123 outp...
[5 replies] Last: Did anyone actually look at OPs code? @axel609 your rev_digit function... (by naraku9333)
by cibide
2 codes, same objective
Guys, why do this 2 codes give me different asnswers? #include <iostream> using namespace std;...
[3 replies] Last: You are both right... ty... and sorry for variables names, I will do b... (by cibide)
by ReapZ
cin.get() and cin.ignore() to find next character.
i am working on a basic program to encrypt/decrypt a message based on numbers being equal to a lette...
[3 replies] Last: ne555 that would work but i need to enter the entire encoded message a... (by ReapZ)
For loop trouble, possible logic issue
I have to create a game where there's a four digit number that I predetermine in the code and the us...
[5 replies] Last: has explanation that mi... (by keskiverto)
[2 replies] Last: Double post: (by cnoeval)
by cibide
Infinite Reaction
Hi... I was trying to create a programm that writes all numbers that are multiples of 3 and 5 but wh...
[1 reply] : Pay attention to the difference of 3 << 1000 and 3 < 1000 One is ... (by keskiverto)
by nemimi
Even or odd followed by multiplication
I'm working on a homework assignment for a beginning C++ class and I'm a bit lost. Here's the assig...
[6 replies] Last: Hm. I usually use c++ to compile. I'll try g++. Thanks! (by nemimi)
Help with Nested Structures
I was wondering how is the proper way to do the calculations using a nested structure. I was asked t...
[3 replies] Last: add the 9 employees to an array. create a function to do the calculati... (by shadowCODE)
Compiler Issues For Assignment
I need help with this assignment. It had some compiler issues on it, some of which I managed to fix,...
[6 replies] Last: Other issues: - Each of the professor's comments about the functions ... (by dhayden)
Prime number simple error
if i substitute with a=1 and then counts==2 its working, but not with this logic, whats wrong in it?...
[1 reply] : Simple enough for you to figure out for your self that for every num... (by shadowCODE)
Need help with reading a file into a loop and processing
I'm new to this and feel totally lost. The problem is to read info from a text file into a program t...
[1 reply] : You have an extra closing curly brace right after your while loop. Rem... (by Stremik)
using DevC++, working on input stream, having input file linking issue
I am writing code for input and output streams, i have 2 files in the same working directory of wher...
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by Durpo
While Looping and Odd Numbers
Hello everyone, i was hoping someone could clarify as to why my code isn't working. I'm fairly new t...
[4 replies] Last: all i need is to make line 13 into z>0 for it to work You don't even... (by dhayden)
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