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Question about the difference of string and char
Write your question here. I do not know why in the following code only d="abc" succeed. when I us...
[1 reply] : s is a std::string and c is a c-style string. You can put s into c wi... (by Texan40)
Help. reverse a string with a twist in it...
The purpose of this self-made code is to reverse a string. When i enter ABCD it outputs DCBA. The...
[1 reply] : The s1 (or *(s1+0) or *s1 like you write it) is a pointer . A... (by keskiverto)
Help converting binary!
Hey guys, I'm wondering why this code wont convert to characters? It keeps coming up that it is inva...
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Casting Pointers
Plz anyone tell me, "What is casting pointers ?" Give me example. Thanks.
[7 replies] Last: C++ is strictly typed language. If we start by saying that name "foo... (by keskiverto)
by h4ever
how convert 4 bytes string to integer?
How to convert 4 bytes n read from binary file to integer header_offset? uint32_t header_offset ;...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, thank you (by h4ever)
random number code just doesn't work
I am getting some weird results from this code. Well, weird for me anyway. It is just a simple pro...
[3 replies] Last: Okay, and thanks so much for getting me through this. It is difficult ... (by James1st)
C++ primer code not working
So this code come directly from the book, like I literally copied it and it wouldn't run on my compu...
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dumb question, int 1 = 1300;
im just getting back into c++ and im making random crap to screw around with, but im trying to do th...
[3 replies] Last: sorry i should have been more specific, its setup so that the user ent... (by gogogokitty)
Using arrays in member functions
Hi, In lines 94 and 95 i'm getting an error message that says 94 :invalid conversion from `int*' ...
[2 replies] Last: 94 :invalid conversion from `int*' to `int' Line 81: You declar... (by AbstractionAnon)
I need help with my code.
Hello, I'm in my second semester of computer science. I've been trying to finish this project for t...
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Recursive function for Collatz
I have to design a recursive code for the collatz coefficient. I feel like i am very close but I can...
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Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out. I'll try to be brief. Essentially...
[2 replies] Last: Ahhh! It never occurred to me that I could put the multiplication at t... (by ChillMick)
simon says
#include <iostream> #include <time.h> #include <string> #include <Windows.h> using namespace std...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <time.h> #include <string> #include <win... (by DyavolskiMost)
Need help for a program that scores a blackjack hand
My assignment is to write a program that scores a blackjack hand. all the cards from 2-9 are scored ...
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Need help with a main function.
I'm just trying to test my code to see if it works. The point is to enter an array of numbers and ge...
[4 replies] Last: I did copy/paste the main method, but it was from previous my previous... (by CNerd2121)
How to uppercase selective letters
How do I capitalize the last letter of the last name and first letter of the first name? I have to h...
[6 replies] Last: I'm required to do it in this format yes. However I found how to enter... (by TieRein)
Replacing four-letter words with "love"
Hello. I get "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" error while trying to debug this code with Visua...
[2 replies] Last: I think you should start with checking if the word you enter is a fou... (by mighty asker)
Loop in a selection problem. (1,2)
Most of my questions are answered by quick Google searches, barring this one. The compiler gives an ...
[23 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <sstream> #include <s... (by Manga)
This pointer
Any one plz tell me, what is the practical use of "this" pointer ? Thanks.
[3 replies] Last: 'this' is a pointer to the object whose function has been invoked.A ne... (by C Pranav)
runtime binding inheritence
class Base { public: virtual int f() const { cout << "Base::f()\n"; return 1; } virtua...
[3 replies] Last: No, f() does not override f(int) because they are two completely d... (by LB)
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