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i sufffer !
i have a problem i study c ++ at the faculty of computer science ain shams universty at egypt and i ...
[1 reply] : books: All t... (by JLBorges)
Make repeat
How do i make my program repeat and ask the user if they want to calculate new grades? Also, how do ...
[1 reply] : Use a Do/While Loop. If you can code all of that, you should hopefully... (by kdog436089)
Coding for a Task Manager
I have to code for a task manager that stores a task description, due date, and duration(in minutes)...
[3 replies] Last: The "Preview"-button does show you how others will be presented your t... (by tcs)
Errors for passed parameters for functions in struct/class
The confusion I'm having is the Main function calls, I added the prototypes to put it all in context...
[3 replies] Last: float Calc_GPA(int Examgrade , int Labgrade , Student Compstud ) { in... (by JoJodoggy1)
Functions and Structures Inventory Program
I am writing a program that reads a file that has inventory on it then the user selects the inventor...
[2 replies] Last: The program function should ask for the product the user wants and it'... (by IAMAFOOTBALLER)
Searching through text
For my class, I am asked to create a program that accepts text from the user. After the user inputs ...
[1 reply] : Have a look a Reference. There you'll find a lot of exam... (by tcs)
Adding adjacent integers in a vector
I have written a code to do it I want to make the code more efficient and preferably shorter and als...
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by davtk8
Insuring a driver
I'm having an issue with my declared function. My assignment is: Write a program that can be used...
[3 replies] Last: After modifying my sub-routines and fiddling with my if statements I g... (by davtk8)
by jbbmls
Random Number
//generate a random number between 1 & 100 that asks the user to guess what the number is // if use...
[3 replies] Last: Hint: Your probably going to have to use the srand() and rand() functi... (by CS Student)
Deleting element from array
Hello I've got a question, how can I delete an element from an array? I've already done research...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks a lot guys! Worked awesome! (by Nielyboyken)
by Nitup
Sometimes getting segmentation fault
I so confused about SEGFAULT in my program. I am trying to implement scanf. So I am passing const ch...
[7 replies] Last: It seems that the problem was just in internal terminal that just exit... (by Nitup)
by bs319
Using 2d dynamic array to read in file
This is my first project using a 2-d dynamic array where we have to read the file into the array and...
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by Myna
Please help me with string.
I need to make a string program that would determine if a string has all unique character. So when i...
[1 reply] : bool isUnique(string); please don't declare a function in main or ... (by andy1992)
Question about parallel arrays not matching up in output
I'm working on an assignment for class - I created a program that allows the user to enter data from...
[3 replies] Last: Wow I feel like an idiot! Anyway thank you so much! I got it working ... (by uglywiggler)
array comparison help
if i store file1 into an array of size 10(right answers) and file2(answers of students) into an arra...
[3 replies] Last: I think you should check students against the right ones. So you shoul... (by tcs)
Revers order of bytes unsigned char array :?
hi, i need fastest method to revers order of bytes in my char array. for example i have: ...
[10 replies] Last: The results are by using buf_ok array and assignments as mentioned in ... (by newcslover)
by gmac
converts name to pig latin (1,2)
I need some help, not sure what to do? Advice? Im not asking anyone to do this, I just wanted help o...
[20 replies] Last: Please, explain your FirstVowel(). (by keskiverto)
Validation, and Upper case problems.
Wrote a program that will convert ROMAN nums into integers and integers into Roman nums. The proble...
[2 replies] Last: input = toupper(convert ); hmm... you can try using transform(word... (by rjvc)
by goldyn
String Largest Smallest
Having trouble figuring out how to pull the largest and smallest from my string. This is the code se...
[2 replies] Last: void findSmallest(string text) { char smallestNum; for(int... (by fabtasticwill)
by kali17
calculating an expression
Hello, I need help to make it less messy but also make it work. It was suppose to evaluate an arith...
[1 reply] : int num1; int num2; char op; none of these in compute... (by mutexe)
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