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by cyter
Invalid pointer error thrown on freeing pointers of pointer array.
So I'm trying to deallocate memory allocated before but I keep getting an invalid pointer error when...
[1 reply] : You are trying to free pointers to character literals, which is illega... (by MiiNiPaa)
Memory Leak with linked lists
I have a function called del() that deletes all the nodes in a linked list. If I declare a String ca...
[2 replies] Last: I actually just figured it out. I think I was calling _CrtDumpMemoryLe... (by gibnihtmus)
by brenP
Calculation Error in findLowest() and findHighest()
For this program I was looking to input five scores - take the lowest and highest scores and drop th...
[1 reply] : Hmm. What if there were 9 judges instead of 5? The code would start ... (by dhayden)
I began taking C++, most of the assignments that I had been given so far were easy for me except thi...
[2 replies] Last: I might have it figured it out, though the problem I'm having is with ... (by CuteComputerXx)
virtual class help.
Hi guys, got a prob. In my main i want to call the perimeter int rectangle class rectangle but there...
[3 replies] Last: In class polygon: I suspect that perimeter and area should be abstra... (by dhayden)
by iluv41
two arrays
I have two c style arrays that are passed in and added together My issue is that if, for example,...
[4 replies] Last: Line 54 should be sum.number[sum.currentLength] = 1; . In other words... (by dhayden)
Help with getting rid of comma in last number
I am having difficulties getting rid of comma in last number...Can someone please help me on how I c...
[2 replies] Last: Do you mean the commas that separate the numbers? The trick is to pri... (by dhayden)
Function Fun Mysterious Error
Hey all so I'm writing a program demonstrating function calling in main. I tried building it but I g...
[1 reply] : You repeated almost the same error again haha int getInteger(int Hei... (by andy1992)
by drax
boolean help
Hi, I have a problem with this piece of code. When user enters the same name more than once I get mu...
[14 replies] Last: thank you both very much for your help! (by drax)
Recursive Function
Hey guys, I have a problem with a recursive function I'm trying to write. The purpose of the functi...
[8 replies] Last: Your code has a bug which prevents finding substring not at the end of... (by MiiNiPaa)
by Ch1156
Getting leftover string contents from input buffer
I am reading books to improve my C++ and I wanted to try to get the leftover input from the input bu...
[5 replies] Last: So instead you want to read input left until line end? Use std::getlin... (by MiiNiPaa)
Function Argument Error
Hey so I need to write a program to show functions being called into the main function. When I try t...
[3 replies] Last: ah I swore I checked that but obviously looked at a different one. Tha... (by MrBond90)
Issue with switch statement
I'm having an issue with my switch statement. The functions are supposed to read random access files...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks! All suggestions helped! Also, I figured out why I couldn't k... (by anonymous1126)
This random 2?!
Ok, whenever i input an even number' it keeps adding and additional 2. ex, if i input 22 it should l...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> int main() { int number = 1 ; while( std... (by JLBorges)
vector push_back not working
So this should print 12345, but it actually prints 00000. I cannot figure out why. #include <iso...
[3 replies] Last: Ahhhh gothca, that makes sense. Thanks!! (by pilotnate)
help with arrays and loops
Trying to create a program that has arrays to take grade entered and spit it back in the same order ...
[no replies]
While infinite loop with cin
In the function Decide under my switch-case there is code that will get scores from the user and if ...
[1 reply] : I don't understand the problem? It does say error when you input the s... (by Jacobhaha)
How can I make a program that will read a different amount of input?
I know you probably didn't understand the question, but let me rephrase it in a different way. Let'...
[1 reply] : just add an abort input, that let's you stop reading further variables... (by Darkmaster)
I/O question #2
I tried to get this answered on a separate thread but nothing was satisfactory or concrete. Listed b...
[3 replies] Last: it wouldn't run at all saying that the stream code was invalid somethi... (by smokebaca)
question about inheritance
ok,so i have 3 classes,we'll just call them a,b and c. c is a general purpose class,so a and b both...
[6 replies] Last: Take a look at this and see if it makes sense: (by Smac89)
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