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How can i make a function that open cmd.exe with something in it? #include <iostream> #include <win...
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C program to check if in array are prime numbers
Hello i want to build program to check if numbers in array are prime my code is #include <stdio.h...
[1 reply] : You probably want to add special handling for inputs less than 2. (by LB)
Please help
I was trying to make a project with no help where ai can choose a letter or number broadcast and if ...
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how do i count the number of values entered
write a program that reads ten integer numbers and outputs the number of inputs which are greater th...
[1 reply] : You don't need to store the 10 values at all. Use a looping structure ... (by LB)
How can I count the length of the word by strlen
I'm the beginner and I'm learning C++ .My teacher order me to make a program to find the longest nam...
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by franc0
[1 reply] : The code you have shown uses both Java syntax and C++ syntax. Are you ... (by LB)
by yehozz
Arrays with functions
I am trying to complete this program, but i cant get it to work. So i should create this function w...
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how to retrieve the value from the original integer
how to retrieve the value from the original integer. Thought process: Probably better to use a dyn...
[1 reply] : You forgot to ask a question. Questions end with question marks "?". (by LB)
Passing STL vectors of type object
Hey forums. I'm attempting to pass a std::vector<object> memory address to a method and then assi...
[1 reply] : I'm not sure why you even need pointers at all here - why not use refe... (by LB)
Assignment Operator Copies negative values instead of actual values
I'm writing the overload for the assignment operator for an object that has a pointer to an int arra...
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Recursive tictactoe game help
My goal right now is to create a bool function which tells me if winning a tictactoe game is possibl...
[3 replies] Last: I see. It will still go thru the possible ways to will and check if it... (by kbw)
pointer and arrays, while loop doesn't run?
I'm practicing pointer and arrays. In the first source code the while loop works and in the second ...
[1 reply] : That is because in your second code after the third for loop pTesxt no... (by CodeBlob)
Tic toch game C++ project without using arrays
i am trying to break the loop when is Game over or When 3 place is match. example: X|X|X ----...
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Why a float in a double?
I'm curious why this line of code possible. double var1 = 23.0f; In comparing var1 to a normal f...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, integers with an absolute value below 2^24 are represented exactl... (by helios)
Having trouble finding the correct average
Write your question here. I am trying to write a program that uses a running sum inside of a loop t...
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generating random numbers in arrays
Hi, I am a total beginner here. I am trying to write a program where I have to generate a 6x6 arrays...
[1 reply] : your main function does not have a body: int main() {} Note that ... (by Gamer2015)
by s8050
Changing console font size in windows xp
Hi, I badly wanna control the font size in my console applications; I almost searched/tried everythi...
[1 reply] : I think the problem with this idea is that the console is not directly... (by newbieg)
problem in making program using loop
Actually i am trying to make a quiz program using do while loop.what i want to know is that how coul...
[3 replies] Last: thanks for reply integralfx and CodeBlob. That solved my problem.Many ... (by kartik17)
problems with char.
The beginning of my code executes fine, but problems occur when I try to receive user input for payc...
[1 reply] : Use the code tags please... (by integralfx)
Deleting from middle of linked list
Hello, I am having trouble deleting from the middle of the linked lists depending on what number the...
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