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While Loop Problem
I'm having a hard time completing this code. I believe something is wrong with my while loop but can...
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Reverse array
How would i fix the reverse section of this array #include <iostream> using namespace std; //func...
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C++ Windows.h?
Hello, I'm learning currently C++ and been looking at some source codes and it seems that all of the...
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Homework Help Please(again)
I do not understand why the second line prints only one star. I am missing something that is probab...
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by ochman
Help with code for counting the occurrence of NUmbers
Hey guys, I am still new to C++ programming and I really need your help, I am trying to write a code...
[2 replies] Last: [code firstline=58]//sort array for (int i=0 ; i<size; i++) { if(a... (by long double main)
strange behavior in simple multithread program
So my code pretty much works the way i want it to. There is just some strange behavior that I was ho...
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My program is just flat out skipping a part?
So, in a C++ 2 class, pretty simple stuff compared to what all I've seen on these forums for how y'a...
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Syntax for accessing member functions of objects in vectors?
I have been searching for the proper syntax to access member functions of objects within a vector an...
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Please Help with an old program question
I have a very small program that was written for me by a friend, and he no longer does programing, i...
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Bool returning value 204
I have a class that uses a Bool to store something. I have a member function that returns the value ...
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by lolo10
writing a program about shipping
class Package { private: // data members to store sender and recipient's address information ...
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passive input?
Sorry, I don't really knowing how to title this thread. for the same reason i dont know what to titl...
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by Subo93
2D array Find the maximum sum
I want to find the highest scored player and print it.Can anyone explain the logic that i can use in...
[1 reply] : just set the maximum to the first element then iterate over them and i... (by giblit)
by vela84
DC Circuits Program
My group and I are writing a program that can solve Resistance total, Voltage total and Current tota...
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Compilation of header file for a class/
Hi all, I am having a problem understanding the concept of a header file. I thought that a header...
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I need help1
Why my program doesn't work?It is suppose to ask me for a number and square it for me but its not wo...
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Structure, syntax question
Alright, so i'm in the midst of programming my most ambitious program to date to force me to learn c...
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by jwilt
need help with trees
what do I make "root" point to too traverse the tree? #include <iostream> #include <fstream...
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WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP message or GetAsyncKeyState() Function
Hi, i want to make this program which sends to a server A was key B held or just pressed so that Ser...
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where can i learn graphics for visual c++?
hi, i'm new to c++, i have learnt the basics of the language and learnt how to use turbo c graphics....
[1 reply] : Your best option would to just get started with a gui lib such as SDL2... (by Fredbill)
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