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Variables Not Properly Changing Value
Sorry for two posts in one day. One of the features of this program that I want to add is for the a...
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undefined reference
I need help, because this is giving me an undefined reference to my class. DNA.h #ifndef DNA_H #d...
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If you have and array, for example char potatoes , and you know that in the n number of the array an...
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Why does the program freeze
The program is still not finished but i dont know why it freezes... #include <iostream> #incl...
[1 reply] : $ g++ -W{all,extra,pedantic} foo.cpp || foo.cpp: In function ‘int p... (by ne555)
If/Else Statement Troubles
I am attempting to program a console app which simulates opening up a case in CS:GO. First the progr...
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stack with menu option
Write your question here This is my program that convert an inflix expression to an postfix and pr...
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by sas305
check if array elements are unique
I know that there are posts about this all over the place probably but the way my course was taught ...
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by tkj80
MinGW - libgmp-10.dll
Hi, I tried to execute the following command line code C:\Scripts>C:\MinGW\bin\g++ helloworld...
[3 replies] Last: Because that is the same folder libgmp-10.dll is in. You can also cop... (by kevinkjt2000)
by moop
Can't remember an easy if else statement
Okay guys, so I had to step away from my computer for a while and haven't been coding much, once I g...
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class question
hello! guys, can you help me find the error? because my output has wrong.thanks #include<iostream>...
[2 replies] Last: Your set_*() methods are declared to return a value, but they don't re... (by dhayden)
Displaying an array of classes
Hello! Does anyone know how to go about displaying a class into an array? For example, I mad a c...
[10 replies] Last: Great, thanks Kemort! I'll do that! (by LiBRiUMz)
OOP Snake game, multiple classes
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non recursive merge sort
I have to write a non recursive merge sort. I feel like I'm almost there but, It's not sorting the l...
[2 replies] Last: Add std::cout << "merge " << low << ' ' << mid << ' ' << high << ... (by dhayden)
by punani
Inheritance and composition (point, square, cube)
For my assigment, I have to create classes for point, square and cube, by inheritance and by composi...
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by punani
Inheritance problem
For my assignment, I have to use inheritance to represent Point, square and cube. My problem is that...
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why wont my switch statement work
I finished writing my program, but as I debug it, my chosen choice goes to the default statement in ...
[1 reply] : The variable you are switching on (choice) is an int. Your case state... (by FurryGuy)
Is it the right way to trap error
Hi, I make my own real time assert function which can effectively attract a debugger in a program's ...
[10 replies] Last: I give up. There's no way he's not trolling. (by NoXzema)
by xymon
I can't integrate the header file
Hi, I read the book programming principles and practice using c++ by bjarne stoustroup. He uses a h...
[11 replies] Last: Back to the poster's problem. Try typing the full path to the header f... (by Too Explosive)
Virtual class program C++ starts now, please subscribe. (1,2,3)
Hi, I have created a class program to learn C++ Learning togeter might be very inspirational and ...
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Course program: Principles & Practice book (Stroustrup) - please join class!
Hi, I have created a class program to learn C++ This program is about working through the book '...
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