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by ttimes
Need help with arrays and linear searches
I have an assignment due shortly and need some help. Here is the assignment information : For...
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by DTM256
time.h vs Chrono
I've used #include<time.h>, but I've never seen #include<chrono> before and I played with time code ...
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Cannot get XLSX I O library example to compile
I am writing a program which involves the user populating an excel settings sheet. I then read it...
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by Arcy
Copying a C-string into a new block of memory
Greetings, The exercise is about writing prototypes and definitions of the functions present in t...
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Pre and post increment
I know a built in type is not an object but I really want to understand how post and pre increment w...
[3 replies] Last: since the type of x is int, there is no function call: a built-in oper... (by Cubbi)
difference between pointer variable, pointer value, pointer address, variable address
sorry i post code in c!!! first code: void Push(struct node** headRef, int data) { struct node* n...
[4 replies] Last: @jonnin thanks for the explanation!!! So i can think that &head is a l... (by surfersss)
Hello, I am trying to read a file and take the average of the sum of grades and display the average....
[1 reply] : std::ios::fail() isn't really used for what you think it's used for,... (by xismn)
/MT causing unresolved externals.
So I am attempting to redistribute my program, yet I am met with 'Missing VCRUNTIME140.dll', but tha...
[3 replies] Last: Ah okay. I will try that thank you! Edit: All compiled correctly afte... (by ExSanity)
how to use cin.ignore
if the user types in a letter for id2 , the first getline will fall through (it will be empty), ...
[3 replies] Last: All read operations (including ignore) will fail automatically if an e... (by Peter87)
by darje
sort linked List
lets says i have 5 elements in the linked list 3->1->4->2->7; i want after calling sort method its ...
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by Ephan
Nested for loop and if conditional, to draw a pattern ??
Hi c++ lovers :) This code that contains nested for loops and if conditional made sense to me to h...
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how to reply
Write your question here.
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.eof() confusion
Hi, I am having a bit of confusion understanding the full extent to which I can use the .eof() f...
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What is the proper way of declaring the copy assignment?
I just took a class in c++ and one of the things we learned how to do was create classes, throughout...
[5 replies] Last: It means that it returns a const reference. That prevents you from do... (by dhayden)
by ChocoG
Calculate with pointers?
Hello, I want to create a little program... As first it should save the current Mouse position. The...
[3 replies] Last: What is the type of _calcPlayer and _calcEnemy ? What does the GetC... (by keskiverto)
by Ma92
Aslam u alikum , this code has logical error , i declared two structures name st1 st2 i copy st1 to...
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Constructor cannot be defaulted
Node.h #ifndef NODE_H #define NODE_H template <class someType> class Node{ private: ...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=jib]In the code supplied you don't need to use either the = def... (by Peter87)
Function arguments
How to write a function that will accept an argument of any c++ type but not any user defined type. ...
[1 reply] : Also if I want only specific type example like only int, string and s... (by mbozzi)
Infix to Posfix
Hello. Can someone help me with my code. Inserting the infix expression "2 + (3 + (4 + (5 + (6 + (7 ...
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by jlb
Look at this snippet: Fraction::Fraction Add(Fraction otherFraction) { ... int Fraction::LCM(int a...
[1 reply] : Here is the original code for future reference. //Header File <fract... (by jlb)
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