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This is not a program lol
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Alignment problem (setw usage)
Hello everyone, I am doing a homework assignment again, and I am having a problem aligning the outpu...
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Diamond Program
Hello, I am new to C++ and I am working in Visual Studios 2012. I am supposed to write a program whi...
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by nemimi
Compound Interest Function
Hi There- Ok, after working on this for an embarrassing number of hours, I think I came up with some...
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by bs319
recursion problem (1,2)
We are going over recursion in my class and I do not quite understand it, I was wondering if someone...
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I can't seem to fix this. Can anyone help?
I've completed most of this, but there are still many errors. My professor gave us a program to debu...
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Big Oh
Hey When you have an alogrithm, I understand with it n and n^2 and so on.But I am confused on whe...
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by bs319
recursive outputs
So I have this recursive and I know the output if it is passed by ref or value, and I know the diffe...
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by bs319
Finding Linked Lists size
I need to find the size of a linked list recursively and iteratively Here is what I have for each D...
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Trying to get decimal places in code
Trying to get grades in along with grades with 5 decimal places in. Having trouble with my loop. Not...
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Can u help me???
I try to find the problem in this code but i cant..Can u help me??? #include <iostream> usi...
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Structures Question
Hi everyone, I'm a noob to C++ and could use some help with understanding one of the practice exerci...
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Max, min, average and sum of given sequence
Hello, I'm trying to develop a program that returns the max, min, average and sum of a sequence. The...
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Printing number of lines, words, char, etc in a string
Hello everyone. I've been assigned to create a program to print out the number of lines, words, char...
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by bs319
Obtaining linked list size recursively
I am having trouble with link lists and recursion I was hoping someone can guide through this questi...
[1 reply] : would it be something like this: int GetCurrentSize(node* p) { ... (by bs319)
EOF loop issue
I am supposed to do. 1. Use sentinel, nested and EOF loops to do file I/O. 2. Create a program fil...
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sales commission program
I need some guidance on what to do next. I wrote the program as much as I could. If you see a bett...
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Pointer crash
I'm obviously not very good at c++ yet. Having trouble understanding how to use pointers. Making a s...
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by Lee125
So...I know that the atoi function in the C++ standard library is supposed to convert a string into ...
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Sum of powers of numbers 1 through 10
I need help writing a program that will calculate the sum of any power of the numbers 1 through 10. ...
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