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conditionals QQ
Hello. I was testing conditionals, It work but doesn't work properly. I cant figure out what i did w...
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by Boker
Strict weak ordering with Coord structure
I'm trying to implement A* but am getting getting error C2678 because i am using std::set with my co...
[1 reply] : > getting error C2678 no idea what that is. ¿didn't your compiler pro... (by ne555)
Transfer Variables between Windos Forms
Hello all I am new to windows From concert and I am having one problem with my application. I ...
[3 replies] Last: You can see the main form as a kind of controller and the child forms ... (by Thomas1965)
C++ project
So I am a beginner C++ student and I have been working on this assignment for about a week now. Lis...
[1 reply] : This is my cc file /**************************************************... (by David0001)
size of vector made of struct
I am having trouble find the size of the vector because it is made of a struct. My program is lookin...
[3 replies] Last: Please explain why you think you need to divide pVector.size() by 4? ... (by AbstractionAnon)
Text manipulation problem
I have this done to where you enter any text you want and it will be revealed by a spinner. I have t...
[4 replies] Last: Applied one suggestion and added an if statement to correct the spin p... (by TimmyFangs)
Undefined Reference Error in class
Why am I getting this error? When creating a class object array, similar to this it has worked befor...
[2 replies] Last: silly me. Thank you (by Carter205)
Sort the names alphabetically by the Insertion sort?
Sort the names alphabetically by the Insertion sort?
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It does not work
It´s work. #include <iostream> using namespace std; //Declaración de datos en coma flotante...
[2 replies] Last: On lines 10 and 12 any particular reason to print the memory addresses... (by gunnerfunner)
Classes, objects, points
I have this homework question that reads as: 1. Write a Class called Point: a. It should have a se...
[7 replies] Last: Yeah, it's a start and not the complete deal. You need a getter for t... (by HumCH12)
Class Programing/ Date Program
Hello: Any assistance is really appreciated. I am working on a program using classes (first timer...
[5 replies] Last: class Date{ public: Date(int d, int m, int y) // this is a function... (by Nico)
by Givi
Urgent help && || with do-while loop and bank account
User can't withdraw more than what's available or withdraw a negative amount.(i have a deposit funct...
[4 replies] Last: this code was a snippet of my program I understand that. What i was... (by AbstractionAnon)
Challenging code! Help much appreciated:)
Hello I am working on a program that asks the users for : A)what year they want the calender, (e...
[8 replies] Last: In essence, you want to shift from foo 1 2 3 4 bar 1 2 3 4 gaz 1 2 ... (by keskiverto)
So I'm writing a code that outputs ASCII code and I want it to be in columns. Right now my output i...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> inline char ascii(unsigned short int ascii_code... (by boost lexical cast)
Where did i go wrong with merge sort
doesn't sort right #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; void M...
[1 reply] : At least the line 16 looks suspicious. (by keskiverto)
Segmentation fault
We have two maps: map<string,string> x; map<string,pair<string,string> > y; The program ends ...
[3 replies] Last: You need to show us the code that uses that class. There's nothing in... (by MikeyBoy)
forward declaration confusion
I am unsure where to place forward declarations. Is it possible not to place them in the header fi...
[5 replies] Last: thanks for replying. 1. understand your point, to do with the fact th... (by bluefrog)
A very beginners question
Hello, I am trying to read two variables, a string and an integer, respectively. Those two variab...
[6 replies] Last: The reason I did ask about >> and getline was that first extracts one ... (by keskiverto)
Vector to Struct
I have this section for a program I'm working on where I am inputting into a vector within a structu...
[6 replies] Last: priority_queue< ClTableau, deque<ClTableau>, less<ClTableau> > priorit... (by yushi170)
by kmce
While loop, while !=float
So I was wanting to have a while loop, which loops until the user inputs a float, so basically if th...
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