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Tic tac toe confusion (1,2,3,...,10,11,12,13) This is one of the program's we have to do for homework, but I'm complete...
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Visual Studio
I would like to delete a Visual Studio file; I am in the control panel; when I click on the file the...
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Classwork Help
Issue resolved. Please disregard
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How to use the If Statement this way?
Write your question here. I'm new to programming because I want to make a game myself. I was doing ...
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Roman Numeral Calculator
I'm working on a Roman Numeral Calculator machine problem, but I'm so lost. Here's the full dire...
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What does clearing of input buffer mean?
I was going through a code in my school textbook, wherein there is a line who's function is to clear...
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by aziz1
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What exactly are pointers?
I'm familiar with the concept of variables, and objects which store a specified type of data (or cla...
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Logical question
Hi, As you guys know I was trying to improve my logic and problem solving through programming and...
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my first IF statment
Hello, im working on 3 chapter of programming book. It tell me to test myself by see if i can have m...
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recursion question
hi guys I just wrote a snippet of code that uses recursion but I don't actually understand what it d...
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Error Identification Help
I have been given an assignment for my introduction computer science class. And I have written the c...
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Using a function and a loop to make a Fibonacci sequence (1,2)
I have some code where I want to print as many numbers in the Fibonacci sequence as defined by "tota...
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Hey! Tips or Criticism?
Hello! I've been learning C++ for about 3 days now, and I was wondering if you guys had any tips on ...
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Cannot simply read from file
I copied some code straight out of the book and cannot read from a file. gradfile.txt is made, pla...
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max long integer not printing? (1,2)
I was doing the third exercise of Project Euler, and I don't know what went wrong? Could someone poi...
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counting punctuation in a phrase???
I wrote a code how to count uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, but cant figure ou...
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array of structs declaration and output problem
My program needs to have a declared struct called DayOfWeek that holds the variables dayName(string)...
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Am I able to call the main function in shared library without executable on Linux?
This may be obvious to many but I a using a new framework that has a .so file and it is used by an e...
[2 replies] Last: The answer is "yes" but the mechanics of how to do that via JNI is a J... (by PanGalactic)
Doubly linked list implementation
I have been trying to implement a barebones version of a doubly linked list(which supports only inse...
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