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Questions is How many bytes will be required by an object belonging to class AUTHOR? and how this is...
[3 replies] Last: On my machine sizeof(AUTHOR) is 80, not 70. It depends on compiler a... (by MiiNiPaa)
Passing String Array Problem
Just want to say thanks ahead of time first and foremost. I am trying to pass make and model by re...
[1 reply] : Just something to point out: What is with line 37? Also, you don't app... (by NT3)
Operator overloading with fractions
I'm sort of lost on how to write code that allows for the multiplication, subtraction, and division ...
[1 reply] : Say you have a class fractions. Simply add in operator calls for eac... (by NT3)
Please explain how to get the output
Please explain this to me Find the output of the following programme: # include < iostream.h> v...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much (by Suma Menon)
Random number
This is for my exams. Answer is 19:16:15:16 PLease help me to understand how to get this answer ...
[16 replies] Last: Thank you very much. doubts cleared now very well. (by Suma Menon)
by kiino
Ship Problem
You guys probably noticed by now that this is my third question in a row lol. Sorry about that but I...
[5 replies] Last: You are never calling Print2() as far as I can see. Maybe that is wh... (by NT3)
Problem with operator overloading
I'm a little confused about using operator overloading with fractions. I want to have a member funct...
[6 replies] Last: Okay that is very helpful. Can I make an array to allow the user to ch... (by lizardqueen)
Specific output questions.
Hi all, beginner here so please bare with me. I want a user to enter as series of integers, then ...
[4 replies] Last: I do not :(. I did however manage to write it down and it compiles and... (by i11u5iv3)
by kiino
Cash Register Problem
Hey guys, I'm trying to create a cash register program that shows you a list of items you can pick f...
[5 replies] Last: thanks Peppercorn for the help but I wanted to create my own code and ... (by kiino)
why this is not working ? #include<iostream> using namespace std; struct node { node *pr...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you , i really don't notice that. (by max v max2)
Link List Help!
This code is designed to tokenize names from an Input File from command line, insert them into a nod...
[1 reply] : Ok, I'm going to start out by saying, WTF? This program is much more o... (by Volatile Pulse)
Meaning of codes
Void convert(intT ; int Num) { int i,j, temp; for(i=Num;i>0;i-=1) { J=i-1; temp=p ; p =p ; p...
[4 replies] Last: Well, the meaning of j=i-1 is that j is... well, equal to one less tha... (by Ispil)
adding matrix doubles
Write a function called matrixAdd1 that adds 1.0 to each element of a matrix of doubles . An initia...
[3 replies] Last: Indeed, that would do exactly what is required- it will add 1.0 to eac... (by Ispil)
Choosing The Right University
Is University Of Portland a good decision for computer science major?
[no replies]
Sorting Time Complexities
Don't really need help, already know how to do what I need to do..Was just wondering if anyone knew ...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you. (by shamieh)
help..find the max value
how to make the number of passenger show the value from greatest the lowest like 300, 290, 280, 270...
[1 reply] : Arrays (by closed account iAk3T05o)
Allegro text rpg help
Ok so I made a text based rpg using the console. It is fairly complete. Was actually working on putt...
[no replies]
Class Averages Problem help
Hello! I was given this problem for my programming class, and I can already tell it's very detailed...
[12 replies] Last: If anyone can still help me with the problem above, I would appreciate... (by mymalibu8)
Problem with fraction class
My program is supposed to have a Fraction class that can add two fractions and be able to display an...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, and they will remain as such. The way I proposed simply initializ... (by Ispil)
by Legato
What are some basic programs ideas for noob?
Can you peoples give me some ideas for things i can aim for right now just to play around with? I...
[2 replies] Last: the quiz is a really good suggestion also the guess a number, i think... (by Legato)
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