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Not understanding why I'm getting error
So I keep getting " undefined reference to 'lowestStudentGPA(std::string, double)' ". I really can't...
[3 replies] Last: Oh, thank you so much to the both of you! I thought using prototypes w... (by MrBones)
Help with vectors inisialitation
Write your question here. Hello everybody , well i have a question about vectors , i used to use th...
[2 replies] Last: I assume you want to set each element of celda to VACIO. First I need... (by kbw)
Comparing the first letter in a string array
So I have a text file (allWords.txt) that has a list of all the words in the dictionary, line by lin...
[12 replies] Last: { words2 = words1 ; words2 = words1 ; numWithWordLe... (by MiiNiPaa)
new to graphics. what is noob friendly?
SDL vs Allegro vs Smfl what is most beginner friendly? thanks a lot!
[3 replies] Last: Thanks a lot. And at the moment I'm interested in games because its fu... (by Antone333)
If Function
New to programming and I'm my best to understand, the book is little to no help. Write a program th...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int Score ; ... (by Peppercorn142)
if statement scope
inside other if statements besides the first, is not initialized! help! #includ...
[1 reply] : Hi I had to go through and change quite a bit so I'm just going to pos... (by Peppercorn142)
by Naulee
Counting string length and converting char
I'm trying to convert a string into its ICAO phonetic phrase using a function, but I'm having troubl...
[2 replies] Last: I suddenly feel super dumb because I know that's how the statement sho... (by Naulee)
Problem with functions and finding the sum
That's a tiny part of my code.I just wonnna know how i can get functions to work for this and also g...
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Have an error and dont know what to do
Write your question here. I keep getting an error at 41/01 saying i need a ";" before "{" #includ...
[4 replies] Last: thanks for your help idk what motivate you to help people like this bu... (by adamcampbell)
Any trick to inherit static data members?
How to simplify the following? In a dream world I would like to omit all the (many) static data mem...
[6 replies] Last: Ok, I've revised my entire code using this new system of multiple inhe... (by prestokeys)
please help in project c++ 2010
my project is Develop class Polynomial.This internal representation of a polynomial is an array of...
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File write Problem
I am trying to have a function that when ever I call it it writes a certain set of text to the file....
[4 replies] Last: I managed to solve the problem. The files I am saving usually have a ... (by PeterAddy)
by RE9741
Making an 'if' statement accept upper and lower case letters.
I am creating a console application, it is basically a simple 10 question multiple choice quiz. I am...
[12 replies] Last: getch() is deprecated, _getch() isnt. (by Softrix)
by SrKiT
Linker Errors
Hi, I'm trying to create a snake game. For that I created some classes (Coordinates, Snake and Board...
[5 replies] Last: Yeah, something like that. I called (explicitly) the default construct... (by SrKiT)
by Ach13
Battle system for text based adventure game
I'm very new to c++ and am currently taking a class, for an assignment we had to go away and write c...
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static method inside class
Provide a public static class method to test a tax rate percentage value passed to it as a paramete...
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by Arcie
Getting extra cin line before while and if
This is a very odd problem that I just can't seem to figure out! I am getting a cin line twice when ...
[2 replies] Last: The reason I mentioned while is because if I switch while in for if, I... (by Arcie)
by dero
text file
hey all Guys can anyone plz tell me how can I delete the first and last line in an interval s...
[6 replies] Last: Could you read two lines (both 's' and 'r') at a time, test that both ... (by keskiverto)
Array problems, need help!
I'm having troubles with calculating the new score and calculating and displaying the difference bet...
[6 replies] Last: Edit** I just read the name of who posted that question, lol... Sorry... (by MikeyBoy)
Step 3 Disch's Binary Tutorial, File Format
Hi, I'm sorry to bother y'all but I'm a bit confused by what Disch's Binary Tutorial meant on Step ...
[2 replies] Last: Ah I can visualize it much better now, thank you! But now the questio... (by Peppercorn142)
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