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by Ram1
Please Somone help with this question ASAP
-write a function that receives two positive integers x and y. The function calculates and returns t...
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I've been given a flowchart to code an array...only problem is I have no idea where to start. I've d...
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by Ram1
Please help with is program
write a function that receives an positive integers x, and then display following matrix: 11 12...
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Please explain
Give the output of the following program. 3 Please ex...
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Max of Numbers
So I have a simple problem that I've been working on and I'm having some scope issues. My program is...
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Help with Plinko please
This code is from my main function. In a nutshell, I want the function multchip_slot to evaluate for...
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by enemy
Constant pointer life time
hello! please if we have a constant pointer like: int a=1; int b=2; int c=3; int* const ...
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How to get vector pair in numerical order (lowest # first)
so let say my infile looks like this 3212 rrrr 11 wrwn 233 mtgn 1561 fffse 3166 whbeh Ho...
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Newbie c++: find and save the max, min Index of vector
Dear Experts, I am a regular Matlab User and just switched to Cpp for a small project, thing are q...
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How to write this program in a file?
How to write this program in a file. And i need to add 10 more case but i am out of ideas it's not n...
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by dcradu
OOP issue
I have the next classes: Engine, ElectricMotor, IgnitionSystem1, IgnitionSystem2; the ignitionSyste...
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Number Guessing Game
I'm trying to write a number guessing game but for some reason, it will not continue to ask you to w...
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How to terminate a program when the time is up in a quiz program
Hi guys! I'm a beginner at C++ and I want to make a quiz program that is timed. I want that when th...
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Explain please
Please explain Give the output of the following program 2 #include<iostream> int global = 10; vo...
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How can I know the end of line of a text file?
I have a text file "RPN.txt". 2 3 4 + * 7 4 3 + - 2 + 12 46 + 23 - 1 5 + 8 4 1 - - * 6 3 - 5 * 9 + ...
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How to split a string in C++?
What's the most elegant way to split a string in C++? The string can be assumed to be composed of wo...
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can some on link me to a page that shows all the classes(maybe not what its called)and all of its fu...
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Dev C++ compilation error
Hi! I am new to dev c++.The program works good for the first time.Whenever I try to modify the code...
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How to calculate a % of a number!
Hi Guys, I just started´my class this week and I have a simple question! What is the code fo...
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Enums in C++/CLI
Hi, I have been attempting to learn visual c++ recently. The book that I'm reading showed an example...
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