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Bubble sort
Hello. I'm trying to sort a 2D matrix of random letters from least to greatest. (A-Z) I'm making a 1...
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by wolfv
Two libraries have same file name
It could happen that two independent libraries have two identical file names. The following example...
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How to work with data read in via loop using multiple functions
I am in the design stage of a program and must be missing the boat on something fundamental. I am ho...
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Classes example - simple
Hi, I'm very new to classes. Sorry if my technical explanation for what I'm trying to do is a bit o...
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Putting words from a string into its own individual strings
So for an assignment I need to some how get "num_lines" and "logfile.txt" into its own individual st...
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Identifier is undefined
Hi guys, am doing my first programming assignment for uni and having trouble understanding why origi...
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function returning values it isn't supposed to
so i have a program that first has a aplhabetType_ value.this can be 26,30 or 40. 26 is basic alpha...
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Text Based Game Help
In the main it asks you for your name, then within a class and a function within the class it uses t...
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Linker error, set up correctly
Hello, i've been having these linker errors: Error 5 error LNK1120: 2 unresolved externals C:\coll...
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so lost
I am extremelly new to C++ and I am lost. I have to write a code to take the taxes out of a base pay...
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Array of structs help.
Hi, I am working on a simple project that calculates resistance and voltage. I just don't understand...
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Trouble Overloading Operators: DayOfYear
My program has a constructor that takes number 1-365 and returns month and day of year, and another...
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Input into Array
I am creating a program to create an array of integers, read in numbers inputted by the user until t...
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Help with Bubble Sort program
Hey all. I'm new to C++, and learning about arrays. I've built a program that takes 10 numbers input...
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Sort and print highest int inputted
i am trying to write an array for a user to input 5 numbers between 0 and 10, store them, and then o...
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by KickAz
Write 10positive numbers and check...but got error
Hello, I'm new here..I'm trying to write a program that will do the following: Write 10 numbers and...
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by prizko
Equation in C
Hey i am new new on this,i am in 9th grade in and i am trying to put a equation in c. Sorry for the ...
[1 reply] : pair =(n1 / 2 == y) pair =(2 * y == y) What are you trying t... (by AbstractionAnon)
by rrvv
Algorithm cost for recursive funtion
so I have some problem to determined algorithm cost of this program int rFibNum(int b, int b, ...
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Best book for beginners
Hello everyone, I am trying to decide which book to learn C++ and would like some recommendations an...
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comparing strings
Hello cpp! I have 3 arrays, each contains 5 values with 3 different datatypes. Int, float and st...
[3 replies] Last: Hi /// your line 10 MyNewDataType temp = 0; If MyNewDataType is ... (by andy1992)
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