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by kenzhu
How to output an isosceles triangle composed of & using c++?
the user can type in the size range within 2 and 20, and the triangle orientation ( i.e. which dire...
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by davez
Structures \m/
Whats the use of structures in c++ programming?
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"return 0;" or "return 1;" ?
So basically, I was wondering why I've seen many tutorials teach "return 0;" as a way to end a progr...
[5 replies] Last: To understand why program exit codes are useful, you kind of have to w... (by Disch)
Two dimensional array with vector
i made function, but I do not know how to test this. #include <iostream> #include <cassert> #in...
[1 reply] : Exercise 10: Flatten (5 points) vector flatten(int a )Íž Write a fun... (by leeli0830)
Compiling issue?
Hey guys, I'm wondering why my program won't compile. Thank you in advance! I'm getting errors that ...
[6 replies] Last: Yes, the functions want an integer, but you are feeding them with a fu... (by EssGeEich)
Ending elements in array with period
I don't know how to end the elements of the following array with a period instead of a comma. ...
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by kali17
calculating the average in a multiset
Hi everyone! I'm trying to search a multiset for a two values, then calculate the average of the ra...
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Creating a shell
Hello so I am a bit rusty, and by that I mean like SUPER rusty. I have this program that creates a ...
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No matching function call in main error
I dont understand why I am getting the error, 'No matching function call in main ' each memb...
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Error with classes and multiple files
I've spent the last day fixing the errors in my program and I'm stuck on these. This program messes...
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by aggsyb
Creating a header file / managing multiple cpp's
Ok this one is probably really simple but all example of header files I have found seem to have all ...
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by Danny7
Ending while loop with user input
I am stuck with this program. So far the user can guess an age and if they get it right the program ...
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Error with strings and referencing, please help.
I'm working on a homework assignment and I got rid of all the errors and now I'm getting some jibber...
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by Phaxen
The switch statement
This lab lets students work with the switch statement. Copy and paste the code below in a fil...
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by leo255
Can Someone help me understand this code (sorting)?
Hi all, I had a test yesterday. Overall, I got everything correct, except for this one function. ...
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by cGuru
Vector Randomization Confusion
NOTE: If you can provide any help without suggesting anything having to do with " std:: ", that ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, exactly what I needed! (by cGuru)
Reading Lines from a txt file into a string
Say I have a commant.txt file that contains something like: num_chars logfile.txt num_lines settin...
[2 replies] Last: Crap. I haven't thought about using getline(). This makes it much eas... (by Extreme112)
Recursive return of string
I am really new to the idea of recursion, I cannot get this to work properly. It is supposed to retu...
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Hello. I am new to coding. I just started and I am following a book called "C++ for Dummies" this bo...
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