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Problem with looping (for)
Hey, another question. In this program I'm asking the user to input a word at least 5 characters, th...
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'\n' vs "\n" vs "endl"
I know this has been questioned several times and I have already read some of the related previously...
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by eltee
select the value stored, decide if its invalid
unable to build file and run file... any ideas? #define PI 3.14159 #define MAX_I 1000 #include <...
[1 reply] : Are you using a c++ compiler to build it? (by giblit)
Please help me understand this part
Hi Everyone, I want to start off by stating I decided to learn c++ as my first programming langua...
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by gingy
Function to Print Iterations of a List Not Doing So
I have a simple program that, for now, initializes a list of class objects with variables in the con...
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by weee
help understanding 'T (&)[N])'
i came across this snippet, couldn't understand some part of it template <typename T, size_t N...
[1 reply] : It is a reference to an array. Normally there would be the name of the... (by LB)
Help with sorting an array of strings
I'm having trouble sorting an array. I need to sort an array of five names alphabetically but am not...
[5 replies] Last: Ok, so I finally got my code sorted out! Thanks Yanson, that include ... (by eladage)
by yaaz32
Hi I'm a beginner. I'm struggling with class templates and can't seem to find my error. //He...
[12 replies] Last: > I personally do not recommend the above method. at least give rati... (by monochrome)
Need help with coding!
I'm creating a timestamp where you input the date and then the seconds elapsed but I'm having proble...
[1 reply] : dealing with date time is quite complex. i recommend try using boost... (by rafae11)
how to define actions of a "Button" class?
hello, i'm wondering how actions of a "Button" class would be defined. the class is only one, but...
[9 replies] Last: the real class does have a bounding box. it is made in SFML, with a sf... (by Stauricus)
Data File
I am creating a program that lets users input the contact details of a person and saves the data in ...
[6 replies] Last: There is no such thing as <iostream.h> - there is, however, <iostre... (by LB)
by shnabz
New to coding
I don't understand. Why does this work colourPos .insert(colourPos .begin(), 0); Why can't ...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=shnabz]And what do I mean by "things"? In context, you mean "me... (by LB)
Text Adventure Program - Advice/Critic
Hello everyone, I am a beginner C++ student. I am taking it upon myself to create a text adventure p...
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by eeyv
Choosing a compiler
This is going to sound really stupid but I am a beginner and I am wondering what everyone feels is t...
[5 replies] Last: For IDE: Try all the ones that you can install for your system and get... (by LB)
by vxk
arguments in templates
Can anybody point out what is wrong with the following code: header file Header.h: template<t...
[4 replies] Last: Here's a quick example (it doesn't use perfect forwarding though): htt... (by LB)
new vs. malloc
Can someone explain the difference between these two lines? Yes I know one is c++ and the other is ...
[10 replies] Last: Alright I am still up ! Couldn't resist learning something new. Herb... (by TheIdeasMan)
Class private data member
Hello, I have a question Should I put all the data types member in private? Is putting data type in...
[9 replies] Last: I would take exception to dhayden 's response and say that all data s... (by AbstractionAnon)
Whats wrong with my code?
Hello Everyone. This has been bothering me for a while now and for most of my programs, the line ' i...
[5 replies] Last: @programmer read the OP's code the input has to be read in string. (by Lorence30)
Need help with the code
#include <iostream> using namespace std; double *array(double a, double b) { double arr...
[5 replies] Last: What if you have to use it like this: int main() { const double *dp... (by keskiverto)
by DevTK
fstream - cannot access private members declared in class basic_fstream<_Elem, _Traits>
I use fstream to open a file for writing purpose. fstream streamFile; (...
[5 replies] Last: Well, the root of the error is that a stream may not be copied. If you... (by Chervil)
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