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by yaaz32
1d Arrays in structs
Hi i wanted to know how do i put a struct in a 1d array and out put it. It has to be like ...
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problem in code
Hi, I was solving a question where I had to enter 3 years worth of monthly sales (in terms of number...
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hey everyone
Hi everyone im completely new to C++ and i just started taking a course in C++ and am not getting ...
[1 reply] : There is a tutorial on this site, also one at, which I th... (by Aceix)
How to print the values of pointers
Hey guys I'm trying to figure out how can print the values in a linked list every time I add a new n...
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by Salad7
Why to use a pointer..?
General base question, why to use pointers anyways My first post
[11 replies] Last: Hello. There is a simple rule. Use references(&) when you need but poi... (by rizaado)
C++ Arrays/fstream
Hi, I am creating a simple program for Report Card data entry. My question is that I need to create ...
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While loop problem
Hello, I am new to computer science and I have a problem with my code. I posted part of my code belo...
[1 reply] : x || y evaluates to true if at least one of {x, y} is true. If dec == ... (by helios)
Why doesn't this code print? (1,2)
Write your question here. Hey guys, when I choose option 7 in my program it doesn't print. Can anyo...
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If statement
Hmm, this problem keep wondering me. I wanted to use the if else statement to loop my IC a.k.a Ident...
[1 reply] : An integer will always be in integer form. I think what you might be ... (by Chervil)
What is next? How to expand?
First off, hello everyone! I started programming roughly 6 months ago off and on as a hobby, and am ...
[1 reply] : Make a 2D game using SDL or SFML (I recommend SFML). It can be anythin... (by LB)
Open picture at the end of a program
I trying to manipulate som pictures, and are a bit annoyed by that I all the time has to manually op...
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Unintended loop
I want the program to return the user to the begining of the question and have them enter a new answ...
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operator overloading
I really need to understand the concept of it .please help me with it .\ I just understand why we p...
[1 reply] : Let's say we have two strings: string hello = "Hello"; string world =... (by Stewbond)
by Korcha
Can't get this code working... My head hurts
So this is an assignment for my compSci class. Basically it's a program to calculate commission by ...
[5 replies] Last: while (salesperson != "salesperson" && salesperson = "Salesperson") ... (by Wulfinite)
Counting the occurrences of numbers in an array
Hello :) I have to write a program that gets up to 30 numbers from the user and from those numbers ...
[5 replies] Last: You should be learning this lesson using an associative container rath... (by Lowest0ne)
I can't understand much about loop..
Write a program that calculates the sum of sequence 1 to 5. (Using LOOP STATEMENT) please help.....
[3 replies] Last: you were exactly as me when i was learning the loop until now lol. yo... (by Lorence30)
how to Swap Data In Between txt File
hi all For Example We Have 2 txt file with these Data: First File: Orange Milk Second File: So...
[1 reply] : I'm assuming that you have learned about input and output streams via ... (by AbsoluTe 88)
Searching a text file
I have a text file| Sa...
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by zdzero
Mixing C and assembly
Is there a simple example of someone doing this with ml64 and Visual Studio 2010? I can't really re...
[1 reply] : Yes, These are tutorials of inline x64 Assembly plus C++: https://www.... (by OrionMaster)
by cGuru
Infinite While loop
I have a small loop that gets the user input, as well as acts as input validation to make sure he or...
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