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Help ! c++ even and odd
my prof give me this problem but i have no idea how to do it . im new to programming . sorry for my ...
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Whats wrong with my bool?
close no help here
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Clarify a couple of things in and example code
Hey guys! I'm a total beginner in C++ but I have a pretty strong background in ActionScript 3, Java ...
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Help with errors
Write your question here. I am getting these errors Error 2 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals ...
[2 replies] Last: Date d2(2, 12, 2010); Show definition of three-variable constructor ... (by MiiNiPaa)
by GFring
Coordinates problem with classes
Create a class named Coord Class has 4 private data items int xPoint; ...
[1 reply] : You set the parentheses wrong: return sqrt(pow ( (float) ( getxPoi... (by coder777)
by aixth
C++ Program with quadratic equation, for unreal and real solutions
I made a quadratic formula code that works - it accepts the numbers for A B and C, but it doesn't te...
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Something Similar to LCS
Well this is my assignment:
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Comparing two strings without functions that do it for you
I am definitely a rookie in all of this. My C++ teacher has instructed us to create a program where...
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Please help me construct this program
I'm writing a basic program to help me with DJing. I only took one class "Intro to Programming" abou...
[1 reply] : In the long run you should consider using arrays, vectors or the best ... (by kemort)
I am new in c++ so if anyone could rewrite ans for me then it would be helpful.please Write a pro...
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Lab Assignment
i need help with my code and i am so stuck and i don't where my errors, i seriously need help fixing...
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I need some assistance
Write your question here. Hi I am new to programming and I am having some difficulty with my latest ...
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result of operator
please explain what is going here step by step #include <stdio.h> void main() { int a=2,b=1,c,...
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Need Help understand a few lines from an array code
Hi, i needed help understanding the following code. I needed help understanding the bolded line. Sho...
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by rosm
I am writing a code for my class that: Your program should be able to read from a file the above ...
[1 reply] : I've tried everything I can think of. Please help. 80-90 are the lin... (by rosm)
Code not outputting error
[6 replies] Last: My checkBoard is a function which checks if the array board will have ... (by helloworld135)
by Andym
array of classes
I do not really understand how to implement an array of a class. I have been looking all over and I...
[1 reply] : is the array inside of the class or is the class inside of the array?... (by jlb)
How to get min. and max from a txt file?
I'm writing a program that gets the minimum, maximum, and average from a txt file. The issue is I'm ...
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by ct123
Need help asap
For my lab, I have to create a menu with options (which I did), but after, the program has to prompt...
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Really need help! Getting an error....and a weird output.
I have a completed code below. I'm getting a weird output for my program and then it errors out with...
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