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Problem controlling user input with if statements and while loops
Hello all, been reading here for a while, first actual post, I'm a little nervous. Here goes. I ...
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by aSzG
Cash Register Program
Hello, I am struggling on this part of my program. It says: You should have a function, let’s call...
[7 replies] Last: In a sense yeah. But you need the loop to keep track of all tax and c... (by crimsonzero2)
(int)& return action
So here is a return line from some function. return ( THEINT)& createGaussianFilter(type, *...
[1 reply] : I am going to say createGaussianFilter creates some heap allocated v... (by mobotus)
Can't understand what is wrong
I have got a task to create a program which would take two whole numbers up to 100 digits each and p...
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Vector value comparing
I am writing a game where the player has to guess a random number between 1 - 100. It now tells if t...
[1 reply] : The way I would approach this is on the first guess I would state that... (by crimsonzero2)
Understanding Looping
Hello I'm new to C++. This is my second time writing a program. I'm supposed to write this code wh...
[4 replies] Last: Think of the outer loop being the row you are editing. As you get int... (by crimsonzero2)
Simple if statement
I am a real beginner with C++ and I am trying to make an if statement to work. My problem is that th...
[10 replies] Last: cout << "text" << endl; or cout << "text" << "\n"; wou... (by closed account 1CfG1hU5)
Need help sorting String values (People's Names) from an Input File (Already created Text file) in ascending order (A - Z)
I'm working an optional section in my textbook, and have no idea how to do it. The textbook doesn't ...
[4 replies] Last: I'm such an idiot....The question is literally only asking me for the ... (by SRichardson09)
by plp384
How do I output a 2D array from a function?
I've declared a double matrix that has several rows and several columns. I am able to input value...
[6 replies] Last: If I place "return value;" outside the second for loop, IDE tells me t... (by plp384)
multiplication table, in .txt output?
Dear Friends, Would you please help me why the txt output is not in table shape? But the compile...
[1 reply] : What fond do you use in your txt viewer? Make sure it is monospace one... (by MiiNiPaa)
[1 reply] : I believe you're going beyond the bounds of the array, and the program... (by Keene)
by akai09
quick questions
hello everyone, i've got a quick questions to ask. assuming a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, d = 4 if d='4' i...
[9 replies] Last: the !(d = 3) won't work. if (d != 3) better. d not equal to 3 is tru... (by closed account 1CfG1hU5)
Initializing struct in class
Hello, Having issue initializing a struct inside a class. I believe I'm doing everything correctly,...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry, fixed those mistakes. I didn't want to post the entire code bec... (by hyperfine)
How can I have multiplication table, in txt output?
Dear Friends, Would you please help me why the txt output is not in table shape? But the compiler ...
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Beginners linked list
Hey guys. I made a linked list. I would like to do threw the entire list and add all the data. Any i...
[2 replies] Last: Why do you need line 1 and line 5? Can you explain to me what they are... (by Rashad2)
Basic type misunderstanding in OpenCV programs
So I'm pretty new to OpenCV and I keep running into programs using casting from int to (inputarray) ...
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Why the txt output is different that compiler screen?
Dear Friends, This codes read 9 numbers from a .txt file and writes the results in another txt file...
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& pointer operator help
So heres this line I have: try { warpPerspective(*((oclMat*) src),*((oclMat*) dst),*((Mat*)M),*(...
[4 replies] Last: thanks again miinipaa (by DaGoblin)
* question
So I know *a is "pointed to by a" and int * a means a's type is a pointer to a int value. So I came...
[2 replies] Last: that helped thanks (by DaGoblin)
How to sort 3 integer
I'm studying C++ by 3 weeks and I'm reading : programming priciples and practices using C++.A...
[4 replies] Last: Yes you can. I put the if-statements there as a generic method for sol... (by Smac89)
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