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How useful are templates in high level programming?
In some of the homework assignments that I have been given, I never really found a use for templates...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=abel muro]Can someone show me a good example that uses template... (by Cubbi)
[HELP] Reading a 1D and 2D array from a file
I am trying to read two different arrays from a text file, then print them using cout. The first col...
[4 replies] Last: and the program is much simpler.. #include <iostream> #include <fstr... (by anup30)
char function problem
I can't figure out what I have wrong here. It always says invalid choice. char menu () { ...
[2 replies] Last: wow stupid mistake been trying to figure that out for hours. Thanks so... (by mike3535)
How to get C++ to ignore slashes
Bear with me on this question as I am basically brand new to c++. I am trying to write a program in ...
[1 reply] : You can simply do int day; int month; int year; { char slash; //... (by giblit)
Compiler and IDE for Chrome OS?
i received a Dell Chromebook 11 as a present from my parents since i've been begging for a laptop fo...
[2 replies] Last: @shadowCODE thanks, but all of those are either not for C++ or aren't... (by nsahawks7)
While loop to repeat the program
Hello everyone, I have this problem and I don't know how to fix it. I want my program to ask the ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you very much for your help :D (by trannghi7707)
Hi everyone :) Right now I am taking a programming fundamentals course in c++ and the class is going...
[3 replies] Last: maybe try project euler? also, I think this might be more suited to th... (by geniusberry)
Need help with an assignment
So I have only been coding for a week and in the add_values function I need to allow the user to ret...
[11 replies] Last: This piece of code tests, fail bits and the return values of cin. #i... (by shadowCODE)
Inflation Problem.... Cant figure out how to fix it!
Write a program to gauge the rate of inflation for the past year. The program asks for the price of ...
[2 replies] Last: On line 23 remove double //You declared it twice Line 31 - 37... None... (by coltehrman)
Little help with using SENTINEL
Okay, so I'm sort of stuck on using SENTINEL to end my program when someone types Q or q. Any help o...
[5 replies] Last: lol no problem :) (by coltehrman)
So I want to be able to plug in three numbers then leave and I am not sure what code I need to add i...
[3 replies] Last: well im not really sure what your asking but u could create a a counte... (by coltehrman)
by pk1
Need help with passing return values.
Hello! I'm taking a C++ class, and the midterm is coming up.I only have two more projects but so far...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks a bunch AbstractionAnon! (by pk1)
Function to find the middle value of three inputted numbers
I have an assignment that asks me to create program that asks the user for three numbers and I have ...
[2 replies] Last: Oh I see what I was doing wrong... Thanks for your help! It's greatly ... (by and kand 97)
Get/Put Functions
Im having trouble getting the program to execute. Basically the program is meant to read from an inp...
[1 reply] : i would like to do this way: content in inf.txt: User Personal Infor... (by anup30)
Need help with this sudoku program, Having pointer issues.
Edit, forgot the question. Really need help with this program. As I'm compiling I'm getting pointer ...
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Using a Typecast
I'm taking a C++ class, I'm a C# kind of person, and have some trouble with C++ due to C# methods be...
[2 replies] Last: It worked, thanks. As for not seeing the casting I didn't include my a... (by AwakenedRage)
by csharp
vector array related question
Hello, I am working with vector arrays for first time, and I encountered a vector returning funct...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you problem solved. (by csharp)
by rayb20
help please! stuck on a program
I am new to C++ programming and I am still trying to grasp the concept of vectors, but my current pr...
[9 replies] Last: You know that for 6000 rolls that each face should appear 1000 times s... (by kemort)
find the first multiples of 5
i want a program that find the first 5 multiples of 5 i want to see on my command when i run the pro...
[3 replies] Last: Use a for loop. (by AbstractionAnon)
[SOLVED] Passing 2D array to a function
I am trying to pass a 2D double array and a 1D string array to a function. int main() { c...
[2 replies] Last: Typically when dealing with fixed-size arrays it is a good idea to typ... (by Duoas)
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