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How to release a C++ program?
Hello, I have recently made a small program in C++ which prompts the user for yes or no and then if...
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i'm not sure how to do this, but i know it's not labels.
from what i've read, labels are used with goto, and goto is that weird cousin we stay away from. ...
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Trouble with Pseudo code
Hi this is my first post on here I am taking c++ in college and I am having trouble reading pseudo c...
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Need help with void function please!
Ultimately, I am trying to get this to display a rocket using the void function making two triangles...
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Incrementing elements in an array?
I'm trying to write code which will count the number of instances of each digit in a given string. H...
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Trying to create a generic graphing tool
Hello everyone, So I'm trying to write a couple of functions & classes that should allow me to cr...
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by Dh2o
i am trying to write a program using atan
I cant figure out to set this up using atan?. #include <iostream> #include <cmath> { floa...
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2d Array vs vector from a space delimited text file
OK, so this IS a homework question. I have Never used C++ but for my computer security class the pro...
[1 reply] : After continuing to read and pull my hair out I think getline may be t... (by Brntphish)
Yes or No Loop
I've coded a program to calculate the Riemann zeta function of a number. This is a school assignment...
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Hello Everybody! The goal of this assignment is to write a program that arranges a list of wor...
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Simple question regarding code and modulus.
I'm currently pretty new to programming, and I'm needing some assistance with a specific problem. ...
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by kabuki
Reading data from a text file
I'm at a lost here. I'm suppose to get the data from a text file and put those data into my struct, ...
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Problem with I/O file
This is what I did for the input file #include <fstream> #include <iostream> using namespace std...
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operator overloading syntax
I am not really sure if this is correct. Obviously not as i get an error. I more or less googled the...
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by Cronin
Unexplained result.
Hey guys so i was practicing some basic c++ and i think i came across a compiler error but im not 10...
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Why commants like system() are "dangerous"? #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main(...
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by mgehad
While Creating windows form Application using (VS2010) Do I only use C++/CLI or I can use the nati...
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by noam81
help with solving a problem
hi all, im new to c++ and im working with the "jumping to c++" book. i need help with one of the ...
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Need help With case structure
So im writing code for a game, everything is working fine except when i press a letter instead of a ...
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by Renov
Need help in class template
Hi There This is my Pair.h file #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; #ifnd...
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