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How can I have a song play in the background of my program ?
[1 reply] : C++ by itself does not assume you have a monitor, or fancy graphics. Y... (by Ganado)
Finding C++ & java idea for programming
hi all. i am c# programmer (windows forms). and i started any java & c++ exercises any weeks ago. ...
[14 replies] Last: Since the OP knows C# and wants to learn C++, C++/CLR seemed to be a ... (by parvizwpf)
c++ problem
Im stuck here with a problem i get the errors that says Hw1a.cpp:(.text+0x41): undefined referenc...
[3 replies] Last: Hello beginnercoder1, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting ... (by Handy Andy)
possible to dry up code without the use of functions
Write a command line game that plays a simplified version of blackjack where we don’t worry about ...
[8 replies] Last: > my professor did not want us to use functions for this particular as... (by JLBorges)
how create themselves ide every great company?
how every great companies such as adobe,auto desk,siemens and .... create own beauty IDE? are those ...
[10 replies] Last: thanks friends and thanks and thanks for your help. i certainly search... (by parvizwpf)
3rd cin getting ignored
I'm doing an Amortization code for school and my 3rd cin keeps getting ignored. Tbh, lots of my code...
[5 replies] Last: @heyheyitscurly.. Can u tell me what kind of program are you writing ?... (by closed account iyRG3TCk)
Difference between while(!key) and while(key)
Can anyone tell me the difference between while(!key) and while(key)??
[2 replies] Last: Thnx! helios. (by closed account iyRG3TCk)
How Beginners Can Learn Computer Programming from Scratch in their Home
Programming is the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, a programming l...
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INI Code BC++Builder
I am trying to get a program to read an ini my code isnt working my ini looks like this File.ini ...
[5 replies] Last: Edit1 -> Text = StartUp->ReadInteger("MyData", "Read", ""); If you w... (by Thomas1965)
by Heynow
Rather gay question...
So quick question,what the hell...look at this part of code,how did i get 'b' to be 4309823 cause it...
[2 replies] Last: aw god damn ..THANK you man! (by Heynow)
C++ Height Calculation
Hello, I am new to c++ and I am trying to figure this out. Kindly help I will really appreciate it. ...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you, everyone! (by amaroa97)
Eliminate Redundant Code
I apologize if the title seems a bit to vague, could't think of title that would work with the probl...
[4 replies] Last: It's very good that you've recognized that there's something wrong wit... (by dhayden)
Hi Everyone, I'm completely new at this, so I hope somebody can help me. I'm trying to implement a...
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What to call a function
What is a good simple name for this function? I want it to be somewhat short but something that tell...
[2 replies] Last: The standard library uses the name clamp for this. std::clamp() (... (by JLBorges)
Enter info into command prompt, saves to txt file.
I've been struggling with this for quite a while. I'm new to vectors and to my understanding you nee...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, GhettoBurger. I’ve given a glance to your railway system project... (by Enoizat)
Newton’s Second Law of Motion: force = mass * acceleration
Write your question here. I'm new to c++, but have some experience with coding. I'm not sure why m...
[3 replies] Last: oh i thought it was c++. im taking a course, and my intructor told us ... (by brianjoo)
Searching Arrays and displaying parallel data
Menu driven program. Function is to allow the user to enter a fruit type and display the price. Data...
[4 replies] Last: You could also ask the standard library to do all the dirty work for y... (by Enoizat)
i have a question about a constructor im trying to make a constructor ,but im confused when it co...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=Repeater]Why do you need one? Can you do it without pointers at... (by Enoizat)
by zingob
using char array, new and delete to get name and surname from external function
Hello. my attempt is to write a program that requests and displays information as shown below: What...
[3 replies] Last: #include <string> #include <cstring> char* get_name() { try ... (by JLBorges)
Moving to Linux
I have been learning C++ for about a year on Windows and now I would like to move to Linux. Will thi...
[4 replies] Last: I've been using Ubuntu Linux for about 2 years now, mainly as a bash a... (by bluefrog)
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