Can I make something similar to this beautiful game using C++?

I heard that you are only limited to your imagination with C++. If making a game like this is possible, where should I start? I know about tutorials that start with that age old "hello world" program youve all probably seen a hundred times, but I suspect that if I want to learn to make a game like this, most tutorials will just lead me to making a calculator or something... which actually might be useful now that i think about it. Anyway. Would I need to learn Visual Basic? Visual C++ if there is such a thing? Can anyone lead me in the direction that will guide me (even after years) to making a game like this?

Game is Legend of Mana.
First you will need to learn the basics. Tutorials which makes you do the calculator is useful on that step, because even if you want to build rockets, you stil need to learn basic ariphmetics. C++ is the same: if you have troubles creating calculator (Small program size, little to no dependencies...) it is too early to even dream about creating the game.
Then you probably want to learn SDL, SFML or others libraries, which will help you to get input, output graphics and play sounds. Several books on game design and articles about how similar games are built will help too.

Next your main problem will be art and text. Most beaty of those games are because of it. If you aren't an arts student or does not know any artists, you will have hard time seaching free art databases or trying to interest somebody in joining development.
Having a good writer is a must too! Or your game scenario will look similar to "doom repercussions of evil". If you are good writer, you are in luck: one people less to find.

Also you can use one of engines, which were created to help people without programming knowledge but with good art, or good dialogues and story to create games.
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