how to add a call function?

How to ADD a call to the FindMostExpensive function AFTER the main display loop, and use the index returned to display the information about the most expensive car?

// Session7.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.
//using struct
// reading from file
// using functions

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip> // only used to tidy up the console output here
#include <fstream> // added file handling
#include <string>
using namespace std;

const int MAXCARS =5; //Always use this instead of magic numbers in code!

// Note how Car only includes the items for a SINGLE car
struct Car
string ModelName;
string Registration;
double EngineSize;
double Price;

int FindMostExpensive(Car List[], int NumCars);

int LoadCars(Car List[], int NumCars, string CarFileName);

int main()
// note now a SINGLE array of Car, NO LONGER initialised
Car ListCars[MAXCARS];

// call the function and exit if it went wrong - could return different numbers for different reasons
if (LoadCars (ListCars, MAXCARS, "cars.txt")==1) return 1;

int IndexMostExpensive;
double PriceMostExpensive;

// initialise to the details of first in array
PriceMostExpensive = ListCars[IndexMostExpensive].Price;

// display a header line - note use of \t for tabs to try to line up - not successful, but I'm not bothered
cout<<"Model"<<"\t\tReg Num"<<"\tPrice"<<"\tEngine Size"<<endl;
// note use here of iomanip functions to set the width of EACH field (eg 10 chars) and filling the spare with ' '
// this makes for a nicer alignment than the commented out line which gets messed up by the Lamborghini gallardo
for (int i=0; i<MAXCARS; i++)
cout<<setfill(' ')<<setw(10)<<ListCars[i].ModelName;
cout<<setfill(' ')<<setw(10)<<ListCars[i].Registration;
cout<<setfill(' ')<<setw(10)<<ListCars[i].Price;
cout<<setfill(' ')<<setw(10)<<ListCars[i].EngineSize;

// now find out of this car is the most expensive
if (ListCars[i].Price>PriceMostExpensive)
IndexMostExpensive =i; //update this index
PriceMostExpensive = ListCars[i].Price; //update this price

// gone through all the cars.
// now can display details about most expensive car
cout<<"Most expensive Car is "<<ListCars[IndexMostExpensive].ModelName<<" at a price of "<<ListCars[IndexMostExpensive].Price<<endl;
cout<<"With reg num of "<<ListCars[IndexMostExpensive].Registration<<" and engine size of "<<ListCars[IndexMostExpensive].EngineSize<<endl;

return 0;

int FindMostExpensive(Car List[], int NumCars)
// add code here
return 0; //should be index of Most expensive

int LoadCars(Car List[], int NumCars, string CarFileName)
// read cars from file specified as parameter
ifstream inFile(CarFileName); // declare an OBJECT for handling file input and associate it with the cars.txt file
if (!inFile)
cout<<"Oh dear, your file is not here"<<endl;
return 1; //an error - return a value to indicate this
// read Cars from the file up to number specified into array provided
for (int i=0; i<NumCars; i++)
return 0;
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