help me please in c code


i need to code by c language for limited integration.

e.x : i want to integrate the function 1/x from 1 to 10 , the program give me the answer is 2.30 , ..

i need this very quick and very important

Post your code - we'll take a look.
oh and by the way - are you sure you have a problem? The result seems to be very close to correct one:

to set the precision of floats, doubles, and long doubles.

Also, the integral seems correct, Integral(x⁻¹ dx)[10, 1] = ln(x)[10] - ln(x)[1] = ln(10) = 2.302585093
Since ln(1) = 0.
@Bourgond Aries
help me please in c code
i need to code by c language
Good advice.

Actually it seems that OP does not have a problem with existing code, but just want some code be written for him.

I knew somebody was going to mention that. I assumed that he had a C routine that calculated the integral. From this routine he would fetch the return value. Since this is a C++ forum, he'd most likely output it using std::cout, considering his C code doesn't seem to be wrong.
ya i don't have code

i want write now and i ready for pay who write it

integration method is : Definite Integral

i need c code for it

im wait you
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Please go to for that kind of services. This forum is for people who program in C++ or want to learn how to do that.
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