Library problem

I have a problem. I created a library and I can't remember how to use .a and .o files in a project.

While I was writing it I used
#include "folder/libr.hpp"
#include "folder/libr.cpp"
in my test project.
But I want to include just .hpp file and use .a or .o file.

I did this before but from some reason I can't get it to work now. I think it has something to do with parameters.

I'm using wxDEV.
Find where to add additional library to linker list. Read compiler documentation.
Can't find it.
Come on people. How do I use .a or .o files.
I believe not many people uses wxDev and ever less want to read your compiler documentation for you aloud.
Here is help file you need:
I already tried putting .a file in the linker. That is why I need help with this [Linker Error] undefined reference to '...' problem.
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