Dynamic memory question

What is the diff between pscobject = new _pscmain; and
_pscmain * pscobject ?

For dynamic memory we need to deal with pointer. So to initinialize pointer is
_pscmain * pscobject . Then what for pscobject = new _pscmain;?
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_pscmain * pscobject

Declares a pointer with the name pscobject, which will point to a _pscmain object. It is uninitialized.

_pscmain *pscobject = nullptr;

Is somewhat safer as you can do:

if (pscobject)
    // Pointer points to SOMETHING
    throw "Dayum, uninitialized ptr bro!";

pscobject = new _pscmain;

Creates an actual objects and puts the address of that object inside the pscobject pointer. [Think of the pointer as a WORD sized integer that points to a memory cell.].

The safest method is to initialize at declaration.

_pscmain *pscobject = new _pscmain;

You now have a valid object. Remember to delete the pointer when you're done. Preferably, use std::unique_ptr or std::shared_ptr.
Understood :)
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