Lab Exercise 1

i am ali.i am an engineering student, studing in 2nd semester( 1st year).
C++ programming teacher gave me a LAB EXERCISE to complete it in one week,
please help me to complete the exercise.
please write the code for C++.
the question is as following:
" using three files approach, implement a class employee with following private data members:
* name (string)
* job title (string e.g., manager, accountant, etc.)
* id (int)
* salary (double)
* department (string e.g., production, marketing, etc.)
Write separate public member functions to set and get each private data member. Also write a default constructor. Write a small program that tests your implementation of employee class by creating its three instances/objects, initializing each object data on some user-supplied values and displaying data of each object.
In addition, increase salary of each employee by 10% and then display updated data of each employee.

thank you for any help.
Start here


using namespace std;

int main()
    //your code goes here
    return 0;
dear chriscpp!
i already know how to start a program , my question was the main function .
please send me full code
No way. You are the beginner. You deserve the opportunity to write code. That will help you learn.

Write as much code as you can. Then show it. Then we can give advice.
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