3D label plot

hello to everyone,

I would like a to plot a 3d graph that connects with lines some points in 3d space.

I have tried with qwt3d but the problem is that I cannot add labels to the points.
Furthermore i didnt achieve to find a good guide for qwt3d and there are very few qwt3d examples on the web.
Could anyone suggest a library for C++ plotting that has those options(3d plot with adding labels in every point (node) option)?

thanks in advance
well, you COULD use a general 3d engine, and, then, maybe some opengl, meshes, etc, but that MIGHT be a bit of an overshot.I am not sure if, or if not, there are any plotting libraries SPECIFICALLY for this purpose. but, if there aren't, then I GUESS I would try a simple 3d engine.

Or, you could also use a 2d drawing engine, and make it isometric.

In general, do you wish to insert a line equation, and then have it be plotted by the engine? OR, do you wish to "draw" the individual pixles/parts/whatever, of the line yourself, by calculating the xyz positions yourself, in code, somehow?
Hello Hansa and thanks for replying,

I wish to draw the line by individual pixles that their positions would be calculated in code.It is not an equation.

Well, I have limited experience in 3d plotting using c++, but, if yoz haven't already seen this, I would suggest taking a look at this:


although I generally really don't like stackoverflow, the info u can get from there might be ok.
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