What kind of knowledge will I need for...

If I want to be able to convert a .bin file into a .ecm and vice versa. Or an .bin into an iso. I'm just curious from a mathematical perspective. Because I am very interested in emulator programming and would like to be able to encode, decode, and mount such files into a useable/playable state. I've taken basic computer architecture, but I am sure that is not enough since it is only finite theory. I've coded a c++ emulator program, that emulates the MARIE assembly programming system that reads in hex format code, loads it into memory, and runs the fetch,decode execute cycle on the program. It can also fill the main memory with random instructions. I'm not experienced with the virtual memory/memory paging concept just yet, though, but I plan to get on that during the summer.

I've been coding for almost 3 years in C/C++ so language barriers are almost in existant for paradigms of its class, and I'm familiar with basic machine assembly architecture (useable), but I've decided that It would be best if I just coded most things in C++ except in cases of speed and optimization.

So what do I need to learn, I realize that its probrably not easy.
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still need some guidance from someone who has Any idea.
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I appreciate the response, but i was thinking more in terms of a book or source code. I use winrar already :). I want to know how to do it. Like the layout of the .cue/.iso/.bin formats and its relation to the emulated system running the code from the file. I want to know how to implement the most simple loader for learning and use purposes.
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it seems some of that is way beyond my understanding right now.
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