windows search engine

hello can any body tell me how windows search engine works?what type of data structure is used in WSE?and what is the time complexity of WSE? kindly reply me as soon as possible.
You better to ask Microsoft directly, as WSE is a part of Windows, study of internals of which prohibited by EULA.
dear MiiNiPaa i just need to know which data structure they use ..i am working on my semester project "search engine for operating system" my project require O(1) time complexity.
Dear calculator, info about data structures, algorithms and techniques used in Windows is Microsoft commercial secret and I doubt they will tell you that. Look into Wikipedia article to find out about top-level constructs:
There is illegal leaked sources of previous Windows versions floating around. You can look into these if you want. I doubt that anybody ever studied and posted about these. It just isn't interesting.
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