How to make a window always on top

Hi all,
I want to make a window tgat stays always on top like that of a cybercafe software. A window that cannot be closed, minimised, deactivated, etc... with wxWidgets.
So far I've tried making a frame window with the wxSTAY_ON_TOP flag. It works, but not to perfection because, when i press the windows button, the start menu interferes with the window(and taskbar too). Also, the task manager, how to deactivate it.

- a wjndow that strictly stays on top
- deactivate task manager


This isn't a C++ (or C) question so you might not have much luck here. Unless a wxWidgets programmer passes by...

You could go and find them in one of the wxWidgets forums?

wxWidgets Discussion Forum
Official forum for the wxWidgets Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit

wxWidgets uses default operating system libraries under the hood. At least on windows there is no such thing as "window always on top". If 2 windows have the same style the last one steals the focus anyway (task manager is a "on top" window under certain setting)

You could try a DirectX window (like games is using) and try to use a keyboard hook.

Are you sure you want to disable task manager ? You can do it with a registry setting, but most likely end-users will not like it (and antiviruses will complain too)
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