Procedurally Generated Content

Hi! I've been learning about Procedurally Generated Content lately (in particular, Perlin noise). Perlin noise works great for making things like landscapes, height maps, and stuff like that. But now I am trying to generate structures more like mountain ranges (in 2D, as 3D would be way over my head right now) or underground veins of ores.

I can't manage to manipulate Perlin Noise to do this. Making a cut off point (i.e. using only the tops of the 'mountains' of a heightmap) wouldn't work, because I would get lumps of mountains/veins. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure if this is a good place to ask Numeri. I've done game-development myself and have messed around with 2D Perlin Noise however I have just begun to explore 3D and am not able to answer your question. I would suggest trying:
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