Anyone want to work with me!


I am wanting to work with someone on anything they wish. As long as it is a long term large project of course I will do a lot of work. It has been ages since anyone worked with me.
What programs I can work with:

[*] Anti-Virus Programming
[*] Industrial Machinery Programming only STEP7 type PLC[S]
[*] Network Programming

[*] any other projects you like

I wish to work on a large advanced project than basics please. PM me if you want to work with me.

I will be the best teammate.

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No offense mate, but before anyone would probably want to work with you - you're going to need a portfolio of projects you have done. If not you are probably going to attract the wrong-crowd(meaning unserious/slacking team-members).
I don't want to sound mean or up-tight, but it seems to me that you should consider a couple things before posting something like this.

First off, this is the wrong forum to post in all-together. You have posted this in the 'General C++ Programming' forum. I though that this forum was for questions related to just general C++. I think you should reconsider posting this thread in the Lounge or Jobs. It is more suited towards this type of thread. (Correct me, if I am wrong.)

Second, It seems off that you want to just have a random teammate for these very select a, b, e, projects. Mostly, I see people working on projects for a job or something of relevance. I don't see people working on Industrial Machinery Programming only STEP7 type PLCs or Anti-Virus Programming for fun. It just seems odd.

Third, (As others have said) You don't have a portfolio and without that, words are just words. I COULD say that I am the most reliable person and have 25+ Years of C++ experience. But those are just words.
There's is a collaborative ChessPlusPlus project started by a few members of this community.
Perhaps you could try to join in.

Caveat: from he cursory glance I've had, it appears to be an icky goo with no separation of the front end gui and the backend engine. You need to wrestle with SFML before you can get started.
Oh, Okay but the thing is I am only 17 years of age and as a Portfolio I do not have a very large one but have a small one such as reporting vulnerabillities to Microsoft and helping them fix it and such if you consider these as portfolios I would start rolling. Else I do not have the Business level Experience as I never was assigned to any business[s] projects.

Besides I was never asking for money nor any major reward. I simply asked to work with someone now I have edited my OP to say any other projects other members want to work on.

Well, if you say job[s] project[s] then hell yeah! I would work on it but if the application is commercial it is fair I get a tiny reward of a credits right?

Yes! I am going to join the ChessPlusPlus project but still feel free to message about any other projects you wish to work with me.
If you helped Microsoft find some bugs then I think that would be under quality assurance / testing.If you're looking to make something with someone than you're going to have to show that you've created something from scratch. If you are considering joining the ChessPlusPlus project, like JLBorges has suggested, you need to make sure that you know how to use SFML. I would suggest doing a few projects in SFML (I'm not sure what version ChessPlusPlus is using but if it's 2 make sure you're using SFML 2 and not 1.6). It wouldn't hurt to make sure that you're coding practices are up to date as well as your C++ skills. It just makes a person more willing to work with you if you stand up to their expectations.

One again doing projects is a great way to build up your portfolio. When you have a few on there then you can start thinking about joining projects but you may get lucky and actually join a project or two to get some experience working in a team. Make sure you're team members are enthusiastic or else you might end up doing all the work while they slack - although I am sure the members of the ChessPlusPlus project are not like that.

Best of luck,

Dang, if you were only interested in programming video games. I am 18. I work as a solo team right now. Sorry, for being hard on you. Somehow, my mind imagined a 30-year old typing that!

Good Luck though!
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