Calling C++ from FORTRAN

I know it is possible to call C++ from FORTRAN (extern C)

Basically, I need to access C++ class data from FORTRAN- when calling C++ from FORTRAN.

Steve suggested in one of his post to use access routines (get, put, etc.) if you need to communicate class data between the languages (this was in Intel forum discussion


Please can anyone advise what exactly you mean by access routines?
Please can anyone help-it is really urgent for me!!
I would like to ask (especially Cubi who has lot of experience of experience in mixed language programming) if this is possible:

1) I have a C++ class (called MyClass) and there is a private member function called 'Show'

2) 'Show' updates the member variables a,b,c,d which are private emmber variables of the class MyClass

3) What I do is: I define a public function which is an access Get function

4) Let it be called GetPrivMemberVariables

5) From GetPrivMemberVariables I call Show which consequently updated a,b,c,d

6) Now, as I said GetPrivMemberVariables is a public function of class MyClass

7) Can I call GetPrivMemberVariables from a free function which is not a member of the class MyClass?


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