Software Engineering

I'm into my sophomore year of my computer science degree. I want to get into the career of software engineering but I am not 100% sure on how to go about this. Is the first step finishing the computer science degree or should I be looking at a different degree to go after?
It would probably be a better idea to switch majors to Software Engineering. That major isn't very common, but some colleges offer it, so I would go searching for schools that offer a degree in that.
depends how much software engineering is in your computer science degree. As long as your doing your own coding on your own projects i wouldnt think it makes a difference.
Well they're not very many colleges that offer the major and none of them are close, location wise, to where I need them to be. As for coding my own projects, like I said i'm only into my second year but it has been all self coding my own projects. At least one self coding once a week.
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