First C++ Game!

Hi guys! This is my first c++ game, I made everything but the music.
All feedback is welcome.
And yes, there is a little glitch with the ball that happens sometimes but I don't know how to fix that, so I'll fix another time.
And btw, I used sfml-2.0.
If you guys found some kind of bug, tell me and I'll take a look at it!


You have to destroy all the blocks to gain an extra life and score more points!
Good Luck!

Here's the download link:

My record is 93, what about yours? :D
Very good for first game. Congratulations.
You do not need to ship debug libraries (containing -d- in their name)

Also there is bugs where ball bounces in invalid direction. For example when going down and hit a wall, it can rarely bounce up from a wall. Or once when it hit paddle it made a sound like there was about 10 collisions and started to fly at extremely long angle extremely fast.
Ohh, okay, I'll delete those .dll's in the next game then, thanks!
Yeah, this is the bug that I talked about... I don't know how to fix, it bounces like 10 times at once, and start to fly really fast...

Thanks for the feedback!
Also make some delay or wait for a keypress at the start of the game and after ball loss. I lose my first ball too often because I do not always can move my hand from mouse to keyboard fast enough. Pause feature would be neat too.

And compile your project as GUI projject, not as console one. That black window bothers me.

EDIT: If you lost ball in the left corner, you will lose next too as it is impossible to catch it in time
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Okay, I'll learn that then! :D And thanks for the tips man.
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