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Hi i got a new Windows Pc And I Downloaded TurboC++, Sadly I DO NOT Have All The Good Library... Where can i get new ones... Maby a new compiler...
#include <windows.h>

BTW I Use .h for evrything now so...

[code#]#include <iostream.>[/code]
Microsoft Visual C++ has a free edition. Other people had the same question on this forum
I prefer linux with gcc and QtCreator as IDE
Also Code::Blocks with MinGW:
(You need version which bundles with MinGW)

You need to download the Platform SDK:

I answered you, question but next time look in internet than spamming this section with useless questions which can be easily found out.
Good Luck!
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Also check out CodeLite
and Dev-C++

If you can, try out many IDEs. And then choose the IDE that you feel most at ease with.

The compiler is important, all these four IDEs have a download package with a good compiler bundled in. The IDE isn't; the good IDE for you (which may well be no IDE at all) is what you feel is best for you.
Thank You But I Didint Fine One...
P.S. Now I DID! Thx
By the way. If your compiler forces to use .h version of headers, change it inmmideatly. It is extreamely outdated (way before 2003).
Also another IDE working with MinGW: Eclipse
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Oh Thanks MiiNiPaa
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