I need some help on c++ / game creating info.

Easy questions. I just wanted to know what programs and skills I would need to know to make a game.

What I know is needed.-----------------------------------

Advanced c++ knowledge
Game engine
A brain full of stuff I know I still need to learn or read. (Algorithyms, calculus, physics, etc.)

What I need to know.--------------------------------------

What is a great game engine that would supply professional results with no need to purchase a license.

Also is UDK free to use up to X amount of $ then you pay a % past the $limit$?

There is alot I need to know, and unlike some people who fall short after reading 1 book and quit I will never quit and am asking for help on things like-->

What do I need? Where should I start (currently reading tons of c++ books one by one c++ primer atm.)

I was wanting to go Opengl and Openal maybe but to be honest I am clueless being overwhelmed with tons I need but no info on what they do exactly and that means

for instance (I know the difference here) if I had UDK and Irrlitch ... I might think I need them both because I dont know what they do... knowing they are engines now I would pick 1.

Looking for Open sourced software lists to use in game creation and brief infos or links would be ok on what they do and how they are used/implemented.

Anything would be a great help to speed my learning process up a bit.
Bump, pm me if you can help me learn anything.

Until then i'll hope for someone nice to respond..

Aslo I am reading alot on everything and not just hoping on this one post.
I love this topic as I am in the same boat as you, still trying to wrap my head around a lot of shtuff.

I generally place game engines into one of two categories.

Free and not free.

For free... I have had recommended to me one called "Blender" and one called "Ogre3d". They are easy to find, just google them.

For not free... I like "CryEngine3". It is free for download and you can use all features. The catch is if you want to sell your games you then need to sign a contract with the developers. But still this is great for getting practice with a pro game engine.

The "Unity" game engine has a free version, but does not include all features. They want to wet your appetite and then make you pay for upgrade.

As far as what you are learning... your on the right path. When you have enough knowledge of code, try to make your own game engine. Keep it simple. Don't waste money on too many books as nearly all information can be found for free on the net somewhere.
yes, its been asked a many times. The best advice I can give you is never throw away any of your code.
slightly off topic...

Do you actually know anyone into game development?
It seems to be more popular on the net, but in real life I am the only person I know into making games.

My friends were not impressed with the slew of games I made using JavaScript. I found it a fun way to pass the time, but the language was too limiting.
I know a few people doing there own things on the side but nothing serious atm. I plan to change that when I make my project open source. In the fall.
ok last question on this post...

is irrlitch completely free? I have read it is ... and read it isn't

if it is free why or why not should i use it/ discard it?

should I just go ogre or blender? ... also if i go ogre or blender will i need some way to input audio? or can I just do that with c++ language somehow easily w/o hassle....

Your replies are appreciated guys.

I really know nothing of this so details greatly help ... just trying to grasp the ideas around what software components are needed to fully make a game and what they do.

Also trying to look for open source as much as possible to avoid fees and lawsuits heaven forbid :D.

this is an amazing begginers site which takes you step by step and showes you some of the low level sdl game programming,

after 20 lessons I could do games like tetris, pacman, 2d zombie shooters, and now I can actually learn openGL and not be completly lost. sdl has very basic rendering and event loop handeling, but its skills necessary for you in order to advance.
Thanks TinyTreeTree this helps ... have also seen this site before but lost it haha ....

Ill close this now as I will google from now on and read tuts posts etc.
My question would be, what is your definition of "game development"?

I only ask because I know of many "game developers" who code for Text based games (MUDs).
2d and 3d ... not sure which engines IDE would be codeblocks but may change....

one of these


mainly looking into 2d/3d and don't really enjoy text based games at all.

I am just try to figure out how things work.... such as ....

Since I am new I didn't really understand this basic concept about libraries and how they process.

(Machine code) C++ = shortcut // codeblocks


c++ code = shortcut calls to assembly language.... which I got no problem BUT!!!

I didn't understand that SDL ( and i think sfml-opengl ) where libraries for c++ that you could splash into a IDE for those calls.....

So in a nutshell I am slowly learning LOL!!!!

Things are so easy to understand don't get me wrong it's just nobody teaches the basics in a way you understand sometimes.

Such things like .....

spacing doesn't matter

lib calls setup shortcuts to gfx/text/etc (and there are tons of libraries for everything)


So basically I'll just keep reading and asking Q's

I have heard that irrlitch is free though I have not tried it.

My opinion though is it is less about which engine you use but rather how you use it. Just pick one and run with it until you have it mastered.

I have seen demos of many of the game engines and they all have their abilities to produce impressive things, but I am sure there is a learning curve. So waste no time and dive right in.
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