a more manual use of glut?

Hey guys,

I've been having an issue with glut and have looked around and still cant seem to figure out, I am using glut to draw the window for an openGL project I have been working on but when I have it running, the program doesn't accept keyboard input because when I use the glutMainLoop() function it does something I don't know and so my part of the program effectively finishes

instead of posting a heap of code, I will ask if anyone here happens to know if its possible to use glut in a more manual fashion, instead of glut handling everything that goes on, is there a way to simply draw the window and then I can call a redisplay manually? I made a game loop style thing that should take input, update and then draw and I still wish to use that so that in the future when I am able, I can just make a new interface thing to use some other window handling API like SDL or whatever
You shouldn't have a problem using the keyboard from glut using glutKeyboardFunc

However, it is true that if you want more control over your main loop you will have to switch to SDL or similar
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