CodeBlocks and latest Qt5.0.2 Need Help

Im using windows vista and running a codeblocks compiler as my default c++ compiler. Everything works fine when i run a console based c++ programs, until recently i found out that i could build a GUI in c++, i knew that there are lots of of C++ Gui programs out there like, FLTK, MFC and so on but i'm interested in learning Qt because i've saw a lot of tutorials out there which would make me want to try and farther my skill but still i'm a beginner. And this is the problem starts. I want to associate CodeBlocks with Qt? So how to do this? Can someone help me what goes first or step by step instructions to compile this code below. Do i need to download any addons or plugins? When i open my codeblocks and point to Qt project im stuck in here $(#qt4) how to make it work...

#include <QApplication>
#include <QLabel>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
QApplication app(argc, argv);

QLabel label("Hello Gui");;

return app.exec();
Please help... tnks
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