My Allegro sprite is not showing up in the right spot

So I have a small game I'm making using OOP principles, I know it's a little bit of overkill but it's just for educational purposes. I have a sprite character that can be moved around with no problems, but I made a sword for him as a separate sprite that doesn't follow him. The sword sprite is supposed to cover his arm and his body as it swings, but it just stays in the upper left corner. I'm not for sure where the problem is and altogether the game is kinda big so I think it would be a little much to post to here, so I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to take a look, would I be able to send you the game and see if you can figure it out? I messed around with the initialization of the sword in the main.cpp and I changed in sword.cpp and sword.h and it still is showing up in the same place. I even looked at the GetX() and GetY() statements I made and they seemed to work fine and when I debugged it, the variable values showed up correctly, but the sword doesn't move. So I'm at a loss, anyone want to take a look?
You should be able to post small segments of your code to give us a good enough idea of what could be going wrong (Constructor of your sword class/show/move functions etc).

Otherwise you could zip all your code files and upload them somewhere and I may be able to help more.
Alright, what's a good site to upload things to?
Mediafire/Github anything like that (I still believe it would be easier to post segments on the forum, but I suppose it depends how big it really is)
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