using gotoxy

Is gotoxy command only available in Windows Platform? in that case, what is the best way to move a character around the screen?
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Using cross-platform console handler (and, on Windows, console emulator)
Like ncurses on Linux, PDCurses on Windows.
A question for Linux folk.

According to
Most terminal emulators running on Unix-like systems (such as xterm and the OS X Terminal) interpret ANSI escape sequences.

(from ANSI escape code )

So would it be possible to implement gotoxy using the HVP (Horizontal and Vertical Position) escape code? e.g. to move to position (5, 8) you'd use the control sequence \033[5;8f

So far I've only see this approach used for text color, e.g.

Hex viewer

(which uses the SGR (Select Graphic Rendition) escape code to color the output.)

But it should work for positioning as well, yes?

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