whats next?

Hello everyone. I'm just about finished with My bachelors of science information systems, I'm almost finished my C++ programming class. I have most of the advance concepts down all and I have left is a couple of things left like standard Template library, 0X standard And maybe one other topic. i need some advice on what my next step should be. Should I start searching for emplyment or should I move in another direction to learn another topic and if I have to learn something else what would you guys recommend?
If you aren't comfortable with the C++ standard library, no point thinking about employment.

As for other topics, work in software engineering involves skills such as design, testing, debugging, troubleshooting, familiarity with source control and other everyday tools. These aren't usually taught, but you can pick up some experience in open source development.
what tools are we talking about?
a company may have a certain tool to handle their source control, different types of software to do their design in, different tools to handle overnight builds, stuff like that.

I think, in terms of getting a job, learning every aspect of c++ to the maximum possible amount isn't really that important. If you have an interview for a job, find out before hand what technologies they spend most of their time using, and like Cubbi said, what tools they use around the software to help automate things a bit better.
Thank you for the advice It really helped.
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