Doxygen #include comments

Although this isn't directly about c++ programming it does use a "C++" tool. In doxygen, how do I apply a comment to an #include directive. Is there an include tag?
Err... why would you want to do that?

Doxygen is meant to provide documentation for the API... not for the actual source code.

For commenting the source code, just use a normal comment.
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Perhaps I'm using this to much as a practice tool for documenting correctly but I thought this type of documentation would be justifiable. For example, windows.h includes certain C libraries so I thought when I document some of my code it would be perhaps slightly beneficial to state that libraries I code include certain libraries.
Later you may not need those includes, but couldn't remove it because you'll break code.
If you want something, include it.

However, I do remember some issues with gl.h and windows.h (iirc, include order) that may be good to know
(or better, fix them)
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