Interesting dynamic function execution issue

Hey guys,
I've got some functions and macros that I want to execute based on a string input that matches the function's name. I came across as this being a possible solution that I'd like to pursue IF it is possible to do. To clarify, I want to be able to look at a string and if the string matches the name of a defined function or macro then it will execute. Is there an effective way to do this (or is it even possible)?

It has to be pretty robust and dynamic given the project's purpose. Basically there's an input file that is being parsed and functions should execute if called upon in the file. I can't simply match strings to their corresponding functions in decision statements, as this isn't robust and isn't scalable.

Any ideas? Thanks.
std::map sounds like the best way to do this.

Create a map of strings to function pointers. Have this in some sort of class that manages them. Give it a method that takes a string and calls the appropriate function (or returns its pointer or whatever you want).
std::map< std::string, function >
Thanks for the swift response. I'll see how it goes using something like this.
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