Graphics in C++

For graphics programming in C there is a Graphics library graphics.h but what to do in C++
I am using BCC 5. Whenever i try to include graphics.h in my C++ program, it shows an error message like ''No such file''. Please help
I don't think graphics is supported under windows on BCC. You can use Turbo CPP. It includes graphics.h
graphics.h is a nonstandard (and extremely outdated) library. The reason it doesn't exist is because it hasn't been bundled with compilers in decades.

Switching to TurboC++ as anandkrishnan is suggesting is probably a bad idea... as that is also ancient.

A better thing to do would be to use a modern compiler, and a modern graphics lib.

Get the latest GCC or MSVS compiler. And look into one of the following graphic libs: SFML 2.0, SDL 2.x, Allegro. (SFML 2.0 is my personal favorite of the 3)
Will it work if you copy graphics.h from a turbo cpp complier?

these are good tutorials for graphics and game programming. Uses SDL.

If you really want to use the ancient <graphics.h> library, get a modern version here:

It seems to me that people most easily transition from BGI graphics to Allegro.

Good luck!

Well we are studying cpp at school. Our textbooks are based on old cpp. So i have to use ANCIENT <graphics.h> on the ANCIENT turbo ccp.
thanks for the info
Alas, that is not uncommon. TBH, I have not used it in a very long time, and never with BCC 4.x.

Perhaps one of the (similar) libraries here would work with BCC 4?

Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you. Graphics.h is an old Turbo C++ library.

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