Fine...delete this topic please~
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You're right. Those ARE interesting questions! I wish I had problems like that to work on. You're very lucky. 8^)
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We don't do other people's homework around here.
mostly the question I post here are programs that I wish to do for no profit, gain or homework :)

just for the love of science and knowledge .
The most interesting four interesting c++ questions for weeks on here lol
Our teacher said we can ask other people to help us for these 4 .
You don't seem to be asking for help. It looks like you're asking us to do them for you.
Just as a matter of fact.. if that task seems interesting, check this one: http://goo.gl/FkwNa :)
Thanks for the mini project ideas :D these are interesting
i did actually want those ideas :/ should have copied and pasted them
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