A C++ Easter Egg?

I was fixing a couple of minor bugs in a program I've been working on, when I made the mistake of typing cout<<string('\n', 1); instead of cout<<string(1,'\n');

I didn't get any compile errors and the programs reaction gave me a bit of a laugh. Instead of the blank line I wanted to put in, I got :):):):):):):):):):) (10 of them). It just made me wonder as a relative C++ beginner what other "easter eggs" are there that people might feel like sharing.

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Not really a C++ easter egg, it's what windows prints for a character with a representation of 1. '\n' also happens to just be 10.
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The second argment is the count of the first argument.

'\n' is on my and apparently your machine interpreted as character code 10. Due to implicit conversion to I assume std::size_t, you repeated the first char 10 times.
//cout<<string('\n', 1);
cout << '\n';
It's a Windows Console default codeset easter egg.
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