Help with read\write

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow I have a test and some things I did not understand, so I asked you for help.

I'm interested to read something from the file "example.txt" using the command "fopen" and write the on screen upside down? This is just an example, in the main I'm interested in reading and writing of files.

TIP: We use "printf" and "scanf" instead "cout" and "cin"

Thank you in advance.
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well... im sure you could do it with ncurses or a gui, but why not use fstream?
I dont really know why we do not use "fstream" but in college we currently only working with "fopen" from "stdio.h"
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oh so c stuff? read a tutorial then
Yeah C++, unfortunately I read it several times but nothing has been explained properly, i would post it here but It's on "Croatian"
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no c not c++. and then what more do you need to know. just open it get the lines and do what you want with it
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