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ok so i am a complete noob to c++ and programing in general, but what i am good at is artwork. So i was wondering is it possible for me to use c++ to make a game and use my drawings in the game? if so can someone please teach me or mentor me about how this all works.
Read the tutorials on this site and challenge yourself. This will take a couple of years to do at the minimum to achieve even a minimal game. Takes a lot to learn programming, and takes more to learn game programming. You'd be better off finding an art site and watch for game projects popping up there.
BHX why does everyone say it takes years?

It took me only 4 to 5 months to make a tile map with SDL.

It shouldn't really take that long to get into game programming, once you feel comfortable with the language just take up a library, such as SDL or SFML, and learn how to load external images such as PNG, BMP, etc.

It really isn't that hard to move from the console to graphical apps. As long as you are comfortable with the language, of course.
Looking at a tile map isn't fun to play with.
What do you mean?
BHX why does everyone say it takes years?

when people say that, i think they mean it takes years to learn and actually know how to truly make a game from a to z.

you can look at tutorials and get really simple things up and running or just components fairly fast. but actually learning how all that works and how to connect everything and add features that there arent specific tutorials for, that can take a long time
I'm sure no one knows how to make a game a to z.

No one can just be like "I want to make a game" and write a game with little no no errors.

Truly, dealing with game graphics isn't hard, the hardest part is actually logic.
I said it takes years because it does. One, making a tilemap isn't making a game. Yes tilemaps are used in games, but there isn't any fun walking around it, though you do feel an accomplishment from creating it. Following tutorials you could get a game up in a few days if you don't bother understanding anything, but to truly understand C++, then learn and understand a library like SDL/SFML, then to make a serious game from a to z takes 2 years minimum. Learning to use C++ and a library takes about 4 to 5 months each so there is most of the first year getting comfortable with them. Then you would spend the whole next year (if not more) making a serious game (something other than the regular clones they say to make).
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I'm sure no one knows how to make a game a to z.

You're right. Game developers in EA, Blizzard, Rocksteady, etc. and the vast majority of indie devs probably have to look up tutorials every now and then. Years of experience and actual accomplishments in developing marketable games with hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars in revenue still doesn't cut it for knowing the a-z of game making.
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The problem with many first time game programmers is that they think everything is straight forward once they hit intermediate, or even the advanced level. (I wouldn't consider myself advanced by any means. I still don't even understand templates :S)

Then they try to make a game and they realize that you will never stop having to read documentation and look up tutorials, and then they start to get frustrated and quit.
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