Metadata extraction

Good afternoon. I am currently having a project that I am out of my wits. This project needs me to use C++ coding to come up with a program when run, will open a word document, and then display the metadata of the word document as output in another text file.

I really need urgent help for I am not very fluent in C++ language. Thank you.
Have a read about fstreams:
And string operations which can be found here:
You cannot read metadata with fstreams - metadata is not contained in the file, it is associated with the file separately. You have to use your operating system's API to read metadata - since you mentioned Word, I am assuming you're using Windows - try looking at the Windows API for how to read metadata for files.
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Hi there, thank you for your help. I am just a beginner here so I am not sure how it goes about API. Does it involve pulling libraries from third party software? If yes, how is my code suppose to look like? Major technical problems here :(

So far, I came up with the codes on checking file extension of the document, which after checking comes the part of extracting metadata.

I have decided to use fiapiman API for extraction of metadata but i don't know how to write the coding to pull in this library.
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You need to use the Windows API, not any third party library.

Try this google search result:
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