How do i make my program make new txt files?

I want to make a program that can know the current time and create a new .txt file.For example if its Monday to day then when its Tuesday it crates a new txt file called Tuesday.I really don't know how to go about this.I know i will need to use the time.h library.Any help would be precipitated.
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Lol yes i know how to make .txt files with c++.What i am asking is that how do i make my program make new .txt files at certain in times.For example if the time was 12:00AM then i want my program to make a new .txt called June 2nd.
ofstream. I think you just open a file and if it isn't there it'll create one for ya.

Output the same way you do with cout. For example...

std::ofstream mahstream("mahtext.txt");

mahstream << "Your text\n";

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#include <ctime>

//this is pseudo code not actual code at this point
time_t time = get_time();
if(time == "12:00AM")

of course if ur on linux or mac you can always just cron it
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