a game engine

hi all
i'm writing a game engine
what library should i use for my engine?
allegro, sfml, sdl or something other
i like to write my engine for all operating systems
so what is better?
what is the best
i started the project with allegro
it is good or not?
what libraries should i use next?
write your ideas!
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i read that
allegro can help me in this way
again, thanks
I used SDL, but SFML is faster and such.

But I'd still recommend learning SDL, as 1.3 is coming out and 2.0 is being worked on.

Asking which is better is like comparing Java and C++. It comes down to a matter of what you're doing. If you want more cross-platformness then choose SDL. If you want speed and don't feel like waiting for SDL 1.3/2.0 to come out choose SDL.

Once again I'd still recommend SDL.

As for Allegro, Allegro is programmed using the SDL library so...
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