How to make a program that works influences another one?

Hi guys!

I posted this on the Beginners subforum but I got no answers. I am not sure if this is because this topic is more advanced, but in just in case I am posting here.

Just for fun, I was designing a program to help me plan my projects.

Some of the features I was thinking of would are:
* writing pseudocode with hyperlinks to a place where I could write the actual code.
* time saving resources such as:
- linking a class definition to its declaration so that when I change, for example, its name, return type or arguments in the .cpp or .h file, it changes the corresponding one automatically
- linking a variable/function/etc to the places where it is mentioned so that when I change its name in the class definition, everywhere else is also changed
- automatic setters and getters for variables
- automatic nested for loops with x and y variables, etc.

Anyway, my question is, is there a way to make this program work alongside Visual Studio or at least some other program, almost like a plug-in? That way, I could create, for example, a toggle that would allow me to change between, for example, this

if (The mouse click was inside the rectangle)
     //<several underlined links>
     //Do something really complex in several 
     //detailed pseudocode steps, each possibly with its own link
     //</several underlined links>

into actual code like

if (x > Rect.x && x < Rect.x + Rect.w && y > Rect.y && y < Rect.y + Rect.h)
     //complex stuff

in Visual Studio?

Also, how do, for example, bots or hacks for games work? How can a program influence another's functionality?
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i responded to the other one and you shouldnt double post
Sorry, the world isn't going to end just because I "double posted", if what I did could be described as that. Since the pinned topic with the posting guidelines says posts should be made in the appropriate sections in order to get answers and since I had not, for the first time in this forum, gotten any answers after one day, I thought perhaps this belonged somewhere else.

Could you please elaborate on your answers? I don't know what you mean by what you said. Thanks!
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that is in fact double posting. it doesnt matter that you did it in two places. if your going to be rude i wont help you. and while the world wont end, it is a bad practice because it is pushing other threads underneath it needlessly
How was I rude? I apologized and explained why I did it, then thanked you.

And if that is what ends up giving me an answer, will it not have been worth it to push other threads back? The posters of those threads can bump them if need be, nothing is lost nor is anyone harmed.

Ironically, your answer saying you had answered to the other topic and telling me not to double post did exactly the same as my posting a new topic. Had you answered only in the Beginner section, I would have seen your post (notice I created the second topic before, not after you answered), making your bumping this thread "a bad practice because it is pushing other threads underneath it needlessly".
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Sorry, the world isn't going to end just because I "double posted", if what I did could be described as that.
thats rude. and it is even more rude to be that selfish to push other threads back for a problem you could have googled. and its not ironic. i am telling you the rules of the forum to which you are unaware. it would be ironic if this was at the bottom and then i answered it
Saying the world isn't going to end is not at all rude, or it certainly was not meant to be. I had obviously googled my problem extensively before posting, as that would have been much faster and simpler than posting on a forum and having to wait for answers.

And it is ironic because your post prevented my topic from going to the bottom, which in fact has the same effect my action had: keeping my topic in front of other people's. Isn't that what you called rude? Perhaps you should just stop answering, if that is such an important issue to you, and let either my topic disappear or someone with actual useful content answer.

I reiterate, I did not, by any means, intend to be rude or disrespectful of rules. I created a new topic in a different section because of the simple fact that people visit different sections. Not everyone who visits Beginner will visit General and vice versa, so by posting a topic for which I could not get an answer somewhere else, I am effectively increasing the chances of getting an answer, which may very well be useful for hundreds or thousands of people in the future.

By the way, this is also in the guidelines:

"Be gentle. Problem-related stress can make people seem rude or stupid even when they're not."

"Reply to a first offender off-line. There is no need of public humiliation for someone who may have made an honest mistake. A real newbie may not know how to search archives or where the FAQ is stored or posted."
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it was already in front or close enough to it. i was not humialiating you, just letting you know that this is an unneeded post and it is doubled. you waited two minutes after the bump.
Regardless, it still does the same thing you got excessively angry (or bothered) for and you have done so four times (and I am sensing a fifth), which is certainly enough to keep a post from going to the bottom.

As I said in the beginning of the post, "I am not sure if this is because this topic is more advanced, but in just in case I am posting here.". That unambiguously shows I was fully aware one should not just go around creating topics everywhere and bumping them indefinitely and indiscriminately. I obviously weighed the situation carefully and decided that it was indeed worth it to create a new topic, as this an issue I could not find an answer for either in the forums or google.

My saying that it was not the end of the world was just a failed attempt to prevent such a pointless discussion that would could have been avoided by reminding you it really is not worth your time to keep hammering on a point I already took into account.

It's not that topics should NEVER be reposted in different sections, it's just that it's a good thing to know that not all topics should be reposted, only those that have less chance to be answered. Since this was the first time I had not gotten an answer for a question before it went to the second page, I thought this might be an indication that it belonged in a more advanced area. I might have been wrong, I might not have. I certainly couldn't find out without trying and this is too unimportant an issue to warrant the discussion it created.
Well, isn't this a nice little argument.

Honestly what I'm getting from this is a misunderstanding, I'm sure Ze didn't mean to offend you DTS, so why don't we look past this and just help this guy?
(Or girl)

Honestly I don't think the admins would care. He didn't get any answers in one forum, so he moved on and posted in the other forum. He was looking for answers. He thought he was wrong so he tried to correct himself.

(If you don't get any answers, bump and then switch to the correct forum).

What I'm getting from your post, is that you want to communicate with another program on your machine. Socket programming should do.
Yes, this was all a big misunderstanding! Again, I apologize for unintentionally offending anyone, I assure you this was not my intention.

Thanks a lot Fred! I have received a lot of very useful help from Andy in the other topic, here is what I have gathered so far

* .dll's
* Visual Studio Add-ins
* Visual C++ Extensibility Object Model
* OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
* Socket programming

I will certainly look into all of this! Thank you all.
It's nice that you aren't one of those rude people who seek help.

Don't worry, misunderstandings are quite common over the internet. This is due to text not being able to have a "tone".
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