How to set the bullet library to GCC

Hi, I would like to set the bullet library to GCC. I downloaded source code of bullet but i don't know how to set that. Please help me.
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put ut in the include directory
Thanks :) I downloaded a source code of bullet from this side: But what have to put in the include directory? There are a lot of files: scr, lib, etc. I tried to put "scr" in this directory but it isn't work. What is wrong?
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If you download the source code you have to compile it first. Does the archive contain a IDE project file or a makefile?
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thanks :), Yes it does, the archive contains a makefile but how to use that? BTW: I have trouble only with compiling of the bullet sorce code. SDL, GL, LUA libraries work good
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If you use GCC but download the windows library I assume you use MinGW. There should be a thing called "MinGW shell" or something like that. Use it to navigate to the code directory and run

make install

Make install should handle moving the libraries and headers in the compiler search path.

MinGW default search path is mingw_install_directory/include and mingw_install_directory/lib. Check if the library is added afterwards.
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Thanks, I'm gonna try that :)
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